What Are The Best Top Rated Generators And Their Reviews?

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Generators have all kinds of uses. You might be in the market for a generator to take that next camping trip. Or, maybe you are looking to do some tailgating at your favorite sporting event. It is also possible that you are just trying to make sure you have a backup power source in case disaster strikes. Lastly, maybe you just want to continue on with your regular activities if there is a black out.

Whatever your reason may be, I’m sure the next question in your mind is “what are my options?” Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you about all of the different types of generators you will find on the market. Okay, I know now you are thinking “But… what are the best generators?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I will tell you all about what brands make the best generators. Last, but not least I will give you an overview of the top generators. Yes, that’s right! So you can make an informed decision and most importantly, get your power on!


Power (Running)

Runtime (estimate)



Our Rating

2000 Watts

3.4 Hrs

69 lbs


3800 Watts

9 Hrs

122 lbs


7500 Watts

12 Hrs

201 lbs


3100 Watts

7.5 Hrs

81.4 lbs


3100 Watts

8 Hrs

95 lbs


3300 Watts

8 Hrs

92.4 lbs


13000 Watts

7.5 Hrs

344 lbs


1600 Watts

10.5 Hrs

44.1 lbs




12 lbs


4750 Watts

11 Hrs

112.5 lbs


Different Types of Generators

Different types of generators? Who Knew?

Deciding what type of generator that you need starts with knowing what different types are out there. Then, you need to think about what you will most likely be using the generator for. This will help you to decide what type of generator will be the best fit for you.


Portable, lightweight Generators

Portable generators are just that-- portable. This means that they are lightweight and you can take them with you. This makes them a great option is your intend to take your generator with you. Some options include taking a road trip, tailgating, hunting, or any other outdoor use where you would like to have some power. Portable generators can even be used as a back-up supply for your home in case of an emergency.

Something else that you should consider when deciding on the type of generator to buy is the price. Portable generators are less costly. Of course this depends on the features included.

Portable generators run on gasoline or propane, depending on the one you buy. This means that you will need to carry gasoline or propane with you to run the generator, or keep a supply stocked somewhere safe.


Stationary, Standby Generators

The other type of generator is a standby, or stationary generator. This means, you guessed it, this generator isn’t going anywhere. Standby generators are considered the safer alternative to portable generators because you can choose between natural gas and propane. Not having a bunch of gasoline laying around is probably a good thing.

The reason you would choose a standby generator is if you are looking for something to provide an alternate power source to your home. In other words, you would want a standby generator in the event that you lose power due to an outage or a natural disaster and you don’t want to be left in the dark.

These generators have a large price tag on them, though. The cost can be anywhere between 5000 to 10,000 dollars. You can’t really put a price on feeling secure and comfortable, though, and that is just what these generators will do.

Generator Brands

Generator Brands


Honda is a well known brand in the car world, but they are also a reputable generator manufacturer. Honda has been around since 1953 and handles manufacturing over 100 million power products.

Honda’s generators range from 1,000 to 10,000 watts in many different models that are designed with you in mind. They make the best generators that are both fuel efficient, and safe for the environment .

All in all, Honda has been around for a long time and have many years perfecting their products. In 2015, Honda reached 40 million satisfied customers in the United States. When you buy a Honda generator, you are joining many others country-wide. You will become one of the many satisfied people that own one of their dependable products.

The next time you ask yourself “what is the best generator?” Think Honda.


The Yamaha corporation wants to create opportunities for the lives of their customers. They have been fulfilling this mission since 1955. This is when they produced their first motorized product.

Yamaha has been expanding their horizons and pushing out quality products ever since. They have a wide selection and many top rated generators to offer their customers. They have 13 different models to be exact, each coming with its own unique features.

What is not unique about each of Yamaha’s generators is their quality, durability, and value. As you can see, there are many reasons why buying a generator with Yamaha is a sound decision.


Champion is a relatively new contender but has already made their footprint in the industry. In a short time,they have built up a reputation of creating powerful generators at half the cost of other major brands. Amazing!

Top 10 Generators

1. Honda EU2000I

The top generator on the list is produced by Honda. This comes by no surprise, as it is quiet, powerful, and lightweight. It is considered an inverter generator, which means you are getting high quality power that is comparable to your outlets at home.

Eco Throttle technology is used, which means more power for you. When Eco Throttle is in use, the generator can run at a slower RPM. In other words, it is only using the power that it needs. It also uses less fuel, and is great for the environment because it lets out less fuel emissions.

This portable generator is a great choice. People like this generator so much because it is can run in a small RV and it starts right up when it’s cold. 

​Another great feature of the Champion generator is Volt Guard. This is a surge protector that will protect your purchase in case of any voltage spike or surge. Did I mentioned that it has an electric start; saves you the hassle to pull.

This gasoline powered machine has up to a 9-hour runtime. Worrying about running out of power in the middle of the day is a worry of the past if you buy this generator. In addition, this generator is compliant in all 50 States. Yes! ERB and CARB Compliant!

A surefire benefit to owning a Westinghouse generator is the peace of mind they assure you. With a three year limited warranty, and excellent Nationwide service and support, it is a guarantee that you are getting a great product.

This generator features four household outlets so you can power more than one thing that is important to you. It is also what is considered a plug and play generator. This means that everything you need to get started is included and there is minimal assembly required. This will give you more time for the important things, like spending quality time with the ones closest to you. What's more? CARB compliant!

Sounding in at 51 decibels, this generator is so quiet that you will be able to carry on conversation as usual. A huge benefit to owning a WEN is knowing that your electronics will be safe when you plug them in. It produces clean energy that is safe cellphones, laptops, tablets, and any other device you might be worried about.

What makes WEN one of the best generators? Besides being sensitive enough to care for your electronics, and as quiet as a mouse, it features eco-mode to help save fuel. If I haven’t convinced you yet, what if I told you that the WEN only weighs 48 pounds? This lightweight generator will be a breeze for you to carry to your next event.

Champion is back with another high quality product. This model has all of the great features of the previous mention, but has some other features that make it stand out.

The portability of this model is much greater because it is lightweight and more portable than the 46539 model. It comes with carry handles to assist you in bringing it along for the ride. It also comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to do anything except for open the box when it arrives.

Other features that this model includes are dual USB car charger adapters which allow you to charge your electronics with ease. Of course this is also safe to do since this generator runs with clean power that is safe for all of your electronic devices.

This affordable generator is a great choice for your next adventure. Equipped with a full power panel, the DuroStar features an oil warning light, a circuit breaker, a volt meter and of course power outlets.

This gas powered bad boy holds up to 4 gallons of fuel and will keep things powered up for up to 8 hours at ½ load. The gas gauge on the panel will keep you in the loop, so you won’t run out without being aware of it.

Finally, an optional wheel kit will keep you on the move and give this machine easy portability. Don’t leave on your next trip without it!

No matter where you live in this great country, you will be able to run the WEN because it is EPAIII and CARB compliant. WEN makes a great product. That’s why it is featured twice on this list!

This model is the most powerful version. It has 13000 surge and 11000 running watts. This will keep you running a fridge, television, blender, slow cooker, computer, and more!

As you already know, Yamaha has a reputation for making quality products. This product is no exception. In fact, it is packed with many features that makes it stand apart from the rest.

​One benefit to taking this generator on your next trip is that it is so quiet, you will be able to have a conversation without being muffled out. It also has rubber feet which promote smooth operation and further reduces noise.

Smart throttle on this machine assures that you are not wasting energy and conserves gasoline so that you are not wasting a drop. It is also safe to take to any National Park, and in fact Yamaha holds the longest emission engine durability ratings by EPA and CARB.

Still need more perks? If this generator doesn’t have enough power for all of your needs, it is capable of being paired with another one to give you twice the power. Now, how’s that for efficient?

This solar generator will have you saying goodbye to lugging around flammable gasoline and hello to convenient and lightweight power. There are three ways to charge this device: through a compatible solar panel, plugging it in, or using your car adapter. So, even on a rainy, overcast day you will still keep your power.

This contender is only 14 pounds and is compact, which makes it extremely portable. Goal Zero will power your laptop, phone, and lights, but is not the best choice if you need tons of power. Think of this as the best generator for camping and emergencies.

Wen is back. What can I say? They make a quality product. This model has a running wattage of 3750W. It includes a keyless electric start as well as a wheel kit for your convenience. This generator is great for powering your home, but can also be taken on your next camping trip.

11 hours of run-time means that you will have power all day long or all night if that is the case. Wen also provides you with engine oil, a funnel, and a battery. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Wen and get started on your next big adventure without giving up the comforts that will give you an experience to remember.

Buying Guide

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed now, I know. All of the generators I’ve told you about offer the same thing: power. Yet, there are still some considerations that you need to make. Deciding on which generator is best for you means you have to know what your needs are and be aware of the options that are available.

Check out the following video for a helpful guide when trying to decide what generator to buy:

There are several things that you will want to consider when deciding on which generator is right for you.

Power Output. Start by knowing what your needs are. What are you expecting to use the generator to power. Are you using it to power your whole home or just to charge your electronics while camping? These are things you will need to consider before making a decision.

Warranty Duration. If something goes wrong with your generator down the line, will you be covered? If so, for how long? Make sure you pay close attention to the warranty time the manufacturer offers. Also, make note of what exactly the warranty will cover.

Fuel Tank Capacity. This is a consideration that you should make depending on how you will be using the generator. If you are taking it with you, you may need it to hold more fuel because this affects the runtime of the generator. Also, lugging lots of gasoline with you might be an extra hassle.

Weight and Portability. How easy is the generator to take with you? If you plan on being on the go, you might want to opt for a lighter generator or one that is easily portable. If you plan on using it at home, this might not be as important of a consideration.

Additional Features. Again, this depends on your use. Do you want a keyless start? Do you live in a cold climate? Are you using it in a State Park? All of the generators have special features, so look into it before you buy.

Durability. Buying a generator can be expensive, so you need to know that it is going to last a long time so you can get the most out of your purchase. Check to see what material is used and the reputation of the company.


So just what is the best generator? Well, that question really depends what your needs are. Now, you are equipped with information on the top rated generators and brands. It’s your turn to evaluate what you will really be using it for so that you can make the best choice for you and your family.

There are many things to think about. How long do you need your generator to run?How much power do you need? Are you taking it with you? What features are important to you? Will you be covered if something goes wrong? One thing is for certain, though. Once you decide on the best generator, you will never find yourself without power again!

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