What Are Some Of The Best Home Generators To Use?

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Generators are usually seen as important equipment in our homes and always come in handy when it comes to producing power that we can use to carry out most of our daily live activities.

Owning a generator means that you will still have some power generated in your home even when there is a blackout. This can enable you to still keep warm during the cold nights, stay connected to your family and friends or even preserve your food.

Anyway, the big question is how to find the best home generator for you. In this article, I am going to talk about some of the best home generators that are available in the market for you to use.

1. DuroStar DS4400

This is a portable generator usually comes at a reasonable price and has a maximum power rating of about 4400 watts. Furthermore, it has a continuous power rating of 3500 watts, something that is just enough to power up your essential appliances in your home in case of an emergency.

This generator can also be used to power an RV due to its portability. It runs on a 7.0 HP Air-cooled OHV engine which comes equipped with a low oil shutoff sensor. This is to protect the engine. It also has an 8 hour running time and this is a little bit longer period of time compared to other generators in this price range.

The DuroStar 4400 also has a 1-year warranty. When it comes to the noise level, it produces the lowest sound due to the super quiet muffler which has a hand in helping to reduce the sound.

If you are looking for a huge power generator and one that uses both gas and propane.

Look no more because this is the product you’ve been looking for. This model walks among the best generators for home use since it gives you real power. It is reliable and also flexible!

This product gives you a power of about 12000 watts of surge power and a rated running output power of about 9500 watts. With this kind of power, you can use it to power up the entire house in case of a power outage. This generator has a powerful 18HP engine which is just enough to accept high wattage loads easily.

It is also designed in such a way that anyone can start it. It is able to be operated with electric or recoil start.

This is another awesome generator that will give you more than enough power to run your entire household. The Generac 5734 will provide you with a power wattage of about 22500 watts. Bear in mind that is the starting wattage. The running wattage is about 15000 watts.

This generator is made of 992cc OHV gas powered engine which is also enough to generate a great amount of electricity for your home. It is designed in such a way that it only features the intelligent power panel design for ease of operation.

Additionally, this product has a low tone muffler which helps in reducing the noise produced by the generator while in use hence providing you with a relatively quiet environment for you to operate around.

If you are a home owner and you are looking for a powerful generator which can power up your entire house hold appliances? Then 10K Pro is what you’ve been looking for. This generator is made in such a way that it’s durable and reliable hence it can be used repeatedly for a long period of time.

It has a 680cc OHV CARB-compliant engine which is surrounded by a steel caging to protect it from any damage. The generator is very portable since it also has wheels to help you with the transportation. Not to mention a fuel tank which has a run time of about 11 hours at 50% load and holds 9 gallons.

This is an electric start generator and starts at 12500 watts then run at 10000 watts. It also come with a 2-year warranty and produces a considerable amount of noise when being used.

This is also another great generator that will always give you a value for your money. With around 7500 watts, it is powerful enough to run all the appliances in your home in case of any emergency. It has a 6.6 gallon fuel tank which has a run time of 11 hours with a 25% load.

Featuring a one touch electric start which helps in easily starting the machine with a simple push of a button. This has a 420cc Westinghouse 4-stroke OHV engine that also has an iron sleeve that makes it to last longer, giving you a low maintenance. It also has puncture proof tires and automatic low oil shutdown.

This machine will also provide you with a relatively quiet environment to operate in since it produces less amount of noise when being used, thanks to the pulse-flo mufflers.


Well, with all that being said, reviews are only here to help you choose the best generator you can use in your home in case of any power outage. You shouldn’t go for a product that will only give you power since that’s usually their primary function.

Look for something that will suit all your needs. Other people wouldn’t mind using an outdoor designed model, as long as it’s a portable generator then they are cool with it. Others will also look at the noise level or even the space they take.

All these now depends on you. Be keen and choose wisely for a long lasting and great experience.

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