What Are The Best Spotting Scope For The Money?

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Sometimes you need more that just a scope. Whether you need it to spot your target in detail, or to survey the landscape, that’s when a spotting scope comes in. Essentially, all a spotting scope is is a powerful monocular that you use detached from your gun.

There’s one problem: the price. A good spotting scope can set you back a lot. Since it’s not a replacement for a scope, you have to buy both. That’s why we’ve put together a list of low priced spotting scopes. Yes, you want to save money, but you have to make sure it’s the best budget spotting scope. Otherwise, it’s going to fail you under pressure.

When compared to the rest of our list, this model may not seem like the cheapest. That’s not to say it doesn’t match in quality, but it’s almost quadruple the price of some options.

However, in the grand scheme, this spotting scope is a good deal. Plus, it out performs many spotting scopes, making it the best value spotting scope.

First things first, this is a straight scope. If that’s an issue, pass up on this. But if power is what you want, this model has up to 60x magnification. It’s the highest powered scope on our list. It’s also water and fog proof, so you can feel secure no matter the situation.

Our next two models take a different approach. Ditch the tripod, and take your scope in hand.

When it comes to finding the best budget spotting scope, sometimes you have to get creative.

Sometimes that means basically using a telescope. But for a reasonably low price, you should be thrilled to get such good quality.

It only has 6x, so this might be the best option for surveillance, as opposed to hunting. Chances are, your rifle scope is more powerful. 6x is considered an ideal magnification for a handheld scope, however. That’s because any more zoom would result in a shaky image.

If that is still out of your budget, we have another handheld from Roxant that cuts the price in approximately half. 

The magnification on this model is actually a tiny bit more powerful (6x). However, it has a smaller field of vision. This could be a serious issue if you need to survey a large area.

If you can’t afford the extra weight of a full spotting scope, this might be your best bet. It’s small, reasonable powerful, and cheap as it gets. But when you buy from a brand like Roxant, you can at least expect a certain degree of quality. Don’t think of it as “cheap.” It’s just a great value for a great scope.

Next, we have our first angled scope. This is ideal for posting up with a long range rifle.

It has a magnification of 20, so it still doesn’t beat our first scope, but the benefits of the angle may outweigh that.

As the name implies, yes, this is waterproof. That means even when the clouds are pouring, your visibility won’t suffer. Plug on through any difficulty with the weather.

It also has a rubber coating that keeps it shock proof. This is a product that is going to last and last. If you’re looking for the best cheap spotting scope, don’t buy something you’ll have to replace in a year.

Next, we have our official best budget spotting scope. 

This spotting scope model is generally considered a steal on the scope market. It’s proof that budget and low quality don’t have to go hand in hand. This is the happy medium that combines the best of both worlds.

This is a pretty powerful product. At 36x, this is our second highest magnification on the list. 36x is an absurd amount of power in it’s own right. The eye piece is angled, but at a much lower angle than the typical 90 degrees.

This physical design is perfect for any hunter. The lenses are military grade, making this a high performer.

This model comes with a tripod as well. Especially when you get into the upper magnification, a tripod is a must. Don’t waste your time or money trying to buy one sperately.


Don’t let budget consume you. While we have covered most of the spotting scopes you can buy without breaking the bank. Sometimes you have to spend money for quality gear. Speaking from experience, a good gear seriously goes a long way.

However, if you are starting out with this and not committed. You could get a budget one to test it out. Plus, if you shop smart, you can be prepared on any budget.

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