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Over the years, tactical knives have now become part of a survivalist and are usually also seen as fighting knife just because of how it is designed. If you are one of those people that fall in this category of mistaking a tactical knife for a fighting knife then you are wrong. They are usually made to be used as a utility knife.

Well, they can also be used as a weapon but only if this is the last option you have. The main purpose for tactical knives is usually for outdoor activities like cutting ropes, hunting, slicing meat or fish, rigging, preparing the stakes you use for traps and many others.

A Brief History

During the Second World War, tactical knives were introduced to be used in the military service. They are also part of a civilian’s weapon and could be used as a combat pocket knife due to their abilities to perform different functions and their tough rugged design.

Different tactical knives usually have different functions with different designs, make and portability. Anyway, a best tactical knife is supposed to be having a blade of around 3-5 inches. You might also find that some knives have longer blades but don't perform many functions like the shorter knives.

With that being said, let us now look at some of the things you will need to look at before you purchase your tactical knife.

Top 5 Best Tactical Knives


This knife is usually seen as the best knife for tactical operators since you can use it to perform different functions. It has a glass breaking pommel and the handle also has a safety belt cutter built into it.

This makes it a perfect knife for rescue workers. It has a 44-inch blade and is made using the 440C stainless steel material. The knife is designed to have two sides, the serrated part and a smooth tip having a saber grind. It also has a textured handle made using the aircraft aluminum.

This is a hardcore kind of knife with a length of about 11 inches and a blade of about 6 inches. It also has a thickness of 5mm. This is a fixed blade which is usually best used for fighting. It has a handle which is laminated with a G-10 fiberglass which is screwed tightly from each side to keep it from becoming loose.

This also allows you to replace it when it wears out with time. It also has a pistol-like grip which makes it easy and comfortable for you to handle. The knife has a weight of about 13oz and is made of a high quality 44 black stainless steel.

It also has some holes at the edge of the figure guard which can easily be lashed to branch out and form something like a spear. Not forgetting to mention, it also has some holes on the pommel. This can allow you to strap it anywhere you like.

This is a typical knife with only one purpose and a few accessories added on it that makes it qualify as a tactical knife. This product is usually more of a knife than a tool with a good blade and a few extras.

It also comes with a whistle which can really come in handy when you find yourself in some difficult situation where you might need it. With it, you will also find a full survival fire starter which uses a flint and steel to enable you to create sparks.

This always works much better compared to the normal flame lighter. It also has a small LED flashlight and its total weight is around 1.6 ounces which make it more portable.

This is one tactical knife that is always ready to tackle almost any task thrown in its way. It has a blade made of stainless steel. This material is usually vacuumed and heat treated to provide optimum performance.

The cold steel also helps in preventing the blade from rusting. This knife is also quite portable due to its weight of about 5.3 ounces. It has a great grip that doesn’t easily slip out of your hand.

There is also a stainless steel belt which helps you to carry this knife with you to anywhere plus it also has a pocket-friendly price.

These kinds of knives have been in the market now from 1974 and even though not all of these brands are usually made in the USA but this particular one, “The Blur” is made in the states.

It has a partly serrated blade and a built-in glass breaker which is attached to the end of the handle. The handle also some inserts of Trac-Tec grip-tape. This is to enhance the grip of the knife. This knife also has some fast opening mechanism and has a length of about 3 3/8 inches.

It has a weight of 4 ounces making it be quite portable. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Above are just some of the features that you will need to consider when looking for the best tactical knife and also some of the best tactical knives available. As you have seen above, picking the best tactical knife will require you to do a lot of research.

There are a lot of tactical knives available but truth is they are not always built in the same way and when you are not keen enough; you might end up with a wrong thing.

You need to take your time and keenly go through your options as this will help you to make the right choice when shopping for a best tactical knife.

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