Complete Reviews On The Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

People mostly think of tactical flashlights being used in conjunction with a weapon, but there are endless reasons to have one on hand. A reliable tactical flashlight can be used for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. It can also be used for self-defence, or simply as your household emergency flashlight. Whatever the reason, it is extremely beneficial to own a bright, reliable tactical flashlight.

You can count on a good tactical flashlight to have a high intensity bulb, but keep in mind they often come with a variety of extra features. Think about what you’ll mostly be using your flashlight for and then pick among the wonderful options.

There are a lot of great lights on the market, but there are some clear winners that are reliable flashlights with some phenomenal extras. Below are top picks if you are looking for the brightest tactical flashlight.

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight Comparison Chart







Worth It?

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Supernova Guardian 1300


1x 18650 or 3x 1AAA



Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

OrchaTorch T30


1x 18650



Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

ZeroHour Relic XR


1x 18650 or 2x CR123A



Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Diateklity Bright LED Flashlight


2x 18650 or 3x AAA



Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

MAIKAIRUI Ultra Bright


1x 18650 or 3x AAA



1. Supernova Guardian 1300

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

If there were only one word to describe the Supernova Guardian 1300, it would be ‘monstrous’. The Supernova uses a Cree XM-L LED bulb and ultra-clear tempered glass to provide both insane amount of brightness and durability.

Only 6 inches in length, this torch produces a powerful bright beam of photons that is definitely going light up the night sky.

This flashlight comes with five modes: low, medium, high, strobe, and an SOS signal for safety.

2. OrchaTorch T30

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

The OrchaTorch T30 isn’t just great as a camping or outdoors tactical flashlight. But will most likely become your household flashlight, as well. Customers agree the body is durable but overall the flashlight is pretty lightweight.

The dual switches allow for the user to quickly turn it on and switch to strobe mode, which is very useful for defense. In addition to strobe mode the T30 also has low, medium, and high modes.

One of the best things about this flashlight is the USB port that allows for charging anytime, anywhere. Think of it like this: wherever you can charge your phone, you can charge this flashlight.

3. ZeroHour Relic XR

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

The ZeroHour Relic XR is a bit heavier than most flashlights, but there is no doubt that it is a solid and sturdy lamp. If weight isn’t much of a concern to you, then the heavier build is certainly worth the extra features of this flashlight.

It can easily be mounted on a bike or a weapon plus it includes a waterproof battery backup, which makes it even better for outdoors.

Similar to the OrcaTorch T30, the ZeroHour Relic XR offers useful USB charging. The best part is you can also charge your phone right from the flashlight.

4. Diateklity Bright LED Flashlight

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

The Diateklity Bright LED Flashlight is the best companion for those long, outdoor adventures. This flashlight can be used for about 100,000 hours so that you’re not constantly replacing the bulbs.

It also has a wireless battery charger that is easy to carry, making this a great option for when you know you will be away from wall plugs for a while.

The longevity of this light is certainly the main selling point. And it also includes an adjustable zoom lens and five light modes: high, medium, low, fast strobe, and an SOS signal.

5. MAIKAIRUI 800 Lumens Ultra Bright Handheld Flashlight

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight

The MAIKAIRUI 800 Lumens Ultra Bright Handheld Flashlight has a nice, sleek design with a golden lotus flower head. It is a good-looking lamp but is also one of the toughest tactical flashlights out there.

It is skid-proof, water resistant, and weather proof. (meaning you don’t need to worry about it surviving the harshest weather of any season.)

Additionally, the light offers advanced zoom focusing beam technologies and has a lifespan of 10,000 hours. The long lifespan and terrific zoom feature makes this one of the best and brightest tactical flashlights you can buy.

Finishing Off

As you can see, a bright tactical flashlight can offer much more than you would initially think. Though you ultimately want your flashlight to have a high intensity bulb, it is also important to note the extra features that will make your flashlight even more useful to you.

You may be looking for the brightest tactical flashlight, but keep in mind that the various functions of these lights will (and should) certainly sway your decision.

Whether you are using the flashlight for hunting, camping, hiking, marksmanship, or just as your household flashlight, be sure that you are taking advantage of everything these tactical flashlights have to offer.

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