The 25 Most Inspirational Outdoor Bloggers You MUST Follow In 2017

Most Inspirational Outdoor Bloggers

​The year is coming to an end. This, for some people, signifies an impending close. But for adventurers, they may be well in the middle of their journey, at some place on earth.

Outdoor activities are really for everyone. Whether you are looking for a family activity or a secluded mountain for a long expedition, we are going to share with you the top outdoor blogs that you can follow right now! 

​What makes an inspirational blogger? Rather than using sophisticated metrics, we rather keep it simple. We think that a top adventure blogger naturally have 2 things. These adventurers are not only passionate about it, they are also dedicated to providing the best experience to their followers.

1. Just A Colorado Gal

Who said that outdoor activities are not for girls? Heather comes to prove that with passion, you can conquer the highest mountains and the most arid places on earth.

2. Appalachian Trials

​​Zach presents the story of his dull life and how the outdoors changed him forever. A very intense blog, filled with empowerment for anyone that lacks that little sparkle in their life.

3. The Campsite Blog

This blog  is owned by Alannah and Jen. From inner journeys to world-wide travels, this blog covers most of the general outdoor topics. Campsite recipes, what and how to pack and the best sites for camping all around the globe.

4. Across And Abroad

This blog presents the story and journey of the owner, David. Captivating and unexpected, David takes the world one step after the other, sharing his experiences, amazing views and tips .

5. Hiking The Trail

From the best sleeping mats to DIY recipes, Adam presents the best preparation tips for hiking and long journeys. Perfect for the adventurer that is willing to take the extra mile in his/her journey.

6. Hike Bike Travel

The blog for the ones in love with the mountains. From kayak, bike, driving, skiing and hiking, Leigh presents the story of her passion, travelling. She takes us through her journey around the world sharing photos and inspirational stories.

7. The Big Outside

​The family adventure blog. It presents the story of Michael and his family in a year-long journey through America’s national parks. In addition, he presents us some amazing gear and product reviews.

8. Play Outside Guide

It is one of the best family-oriented blogs owned by Karen. From suitable camping sites to what and where to eat, this blog understand the needs of a family with kids and shows the best options.

9. The Adventure Blog

This is the perfect news source for any adventure seeker. Kraig presents stories, latest news about the routes and camping sites in videos.

10. A Little Campy

A very sweet, family camping blog. Tiffany is a proud mother of three and understands the downsides that camping with little kids has. She shares recipes, games, tips and tricks .

11. Rockies Family Adventures

Tanya presents the joys and challenges of taking the kids for outdoor activities. The age range of tips presented is from toddlers to teenagers so they are suitable for every family. Definitely worth a look!

A blog for any north enthusiasts. Written in English, is one of the few blogs that presents skiing, hiking and backpacking in Finland. Hendrik just wants to presents this beautiful country to the world .

13. Trail Cooking

Going in the outdoors makes everyone hungry. Sarah presents easy recipes designed to be cooked in the nature. In addition, you will find very useful information on the right cooking gear for the outdoors.

14. Unbrave Girl

A journal style blog telling the story of the author, Sally, and how she managed to overcome her fears with travel and outdoor activities. A very friendly, fresh and pleasant to read blog. The Unbrave Girl is brave indeed

15. Best Hike

This is the best blog by Rick if you want to find out about hike tracks and routes from all around the world. The mission is to provide an index with the most beautiful and life-changing places of the world.

16. The Broke Backpacker

If you are an adventurer with a tight budget looking for the best options, this is the perfect place for you. No matter the destination, Will gives the best tips and tricks to travel without hurting your pocket. When there is a Will, there is a way!

17. Hiking Forward

Scott shares funny and educational stories about family hiking and outdoors. You will get all the information you need if you plan a long or difficult journey.

18. Dave’s Travel Corner

A blog by Dave. You can tell that a world wide experience contributed to this blog. Whether you want historical or natural attraction points, you will get the best suggestions and guides here.

19. Lady On A Rock

A very friendly and pleasant blog, it presents the story of Christy and her struggle to climb the highest peaks. It also presents the health benefits the outdoor activities have.

20. Expert Vagabond

Matt presents his worldwide adventures and providing some very helpful tips. From camping near a volcano to swimming with sharks, you will find the most unconventional stories.

21. Four Jandals

If you are looking for a blog to cover more than 45 countries and skiing, surfing and any other outdoor activity, you are in the right place. Follow Cole and Adela as they discover the world step by step


22. Modern Hiker

This blog authored by Casey should help you choose the trail that best suits you. In addition, you will find inspirational stories and many tips for the best trail experience. 

23. Beyond The Tent

A blog owned by Ryan. From camping breakfast recipes to the best trails in the winter, this is the perfect place for those that think of nature as their true home and need that extra guidance in their experience.

24. SoCal Hiker

One of the best hiking and trailing sources for Southern California By Jeff! From a forum to step by step tips on how and what to pack, you will find everything you need to know for your next expedition.

25. Hiker to Hiker

Danny is a person with immense dedication, both to her passion and her readers! You will find the latest natural attractions, activism and guidelines on this blog. If you want to find some unconventional places, here is absolutely the right place to start!

Summing It Off

Every outdoor lover has their own preference. Some prefer arid, warm places while other enjoy skiing. Some likes to travel on their own while others want to find the perfect spot for an outdoor activity with the family.

We have handpicked some of the best blogs to suit anyone and to give you the best outdoor experience.

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