About Us

Hey! Thanks for checking this page out! Never thought that anyone would be interested “about me”.

Just to give you a brief introduction. My name is Colin and I am the co-founder of Basisgear.

I got my start as a prepper when I lost my job in the Financial Crisis of 2008. That event made me realised that how unprepared I am. Maybe It didn’t really occur to you, but the feeling of waking to a day so unfamiliar is.. scary.

I started this blog to share with people tips and tricks about how to survive in an increasingly dangerous world. While we cannot control how the world will go down. I am of the opinion that we can control whether we will go down with it or not..

The urge to making sure that others will not be as unprepared as I was then made me start this blog. This is why I started Basisgear.


My other hobbies include dabbling with gadgets, reading other survival blogs. So this blog is like my avenue for sharing my finding, realisation and interests! Hopefully, while reading this blog, you can find what you need and if you can’t, probably you can drop me a mail. If i know a thing or two about that, I write it up and share it.

In any case, if you have something to share and would like to write a post to share your knowledge and experience for this blog. You can contact me here.