What Are The Best 3-9x40 Scopes You Can Find?

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The 3-9x40 scopes are one of the most favored riflescopes among hunters. It has a low magnification level for close in hunting, and the magnification is large enough for a suitable sighting or taking a long range shot. Given the demand for the scope, you are faced with the task of getting the best 3-9x40 Scope out of the many rifle scopes available on the market

To make it easy for you to pick the one that fits your hunting needs, we did a lot of research and came up with the top five of the best 3-9x40 Scopes.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zones is regarded as one of the best 3-9×40 scopes that are available.

The featured multi coated optics provide you with 91% light transmission; this means you get a sharp, bright, and clear target image. 

It also has an adjustment mechanism which allows you to switch the reticle from green to red illumination, and the multiple brightness levels also allow you to use the scope in a low light condition.

The compact design of the riflescope reduces the interference when on a hunt, and you don’t have to make much adjustment after shooting. It has industry standard fog, shock, and waterproof construction, and it comes with a free flip up scope covers. The scope is the perfect option for you if you want something that is affordable yet of standard quality.

The Nikon P-223 is a 3-9x 40 is an affordable scope that has a consistent eye relief which protects your brow even with a lightweight rifle, heaviest recoiling cartridges, and severe shooting angles. 

The reticle has been designed specifically for a trajectory 55-grain polymer bullet at 5.56 NATO round per 223 Rem.

The zero reset turrets with positive click adjustments allow you to easily and quickly zero in and maintain setting even with repeated recoils. The reticle parallax improves your aim and also eliminates parallax. It also functions in foggy conditions, and it is both water and shockproof.

This BDC reticle also provides you with hash marks that range between 100 to 600 yards and a particular open circle aiming points.

Barska CO11342 3-9X 40mm Colorado is a simple yet effective Riflescope, despite the fact that it is very cheap, it still gets the work done.

The scope has a fully coated optics for maximum light transmission and still comes with a free set of lens covers. It has two basic adjustment knobs that you can use to focus on your target.

Barska CO11342 3-9X 40mm is the perfect riflescope for beginners due to its simplicity, and it is ideal for hunting small games. The scope has a 30/30 reticle, it is less than 13 inches long and also constructed with a rugged 1-inch monotube.

The Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope redefines durability, value, high performance and it is one of the best 3-9x40 Scopes money can buy.

The index matched lens system with the edge lenses, and the lead-free glass provides the VX-2 with the brightest and highest clarity any riflescope can offer you.

It also featured finger adjustable lick windage of 1/4 MOA and elevation adjustment that provide you with precise and quick zeroing.

The classic lines and sleek gold medallion design allow it to last longer and also gives it high optimization. Furthermore, it has a custom dial system that offers increased long range accuracy.

With the Argon filling and the waterproof features, it can cope with anything thrown its way. The eye piece allows you to focus without the need to adjust the lock ring, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC is a modest scope that comes with a lot of excellent features that makes hunting looks effortless.

The spot on ballistic match technology allows you to find the entire exact target points at various distances for your particular load and ammunition. It also offers you the brightness and clarity of multi coated lenses.

The BDC see through ballistic circle give you the advantage for a long range shooting, and give you a regular target image for shorter range shooting.

It also comes with a multicoated optical system that has many layers of anti reflective elements on the glass surface; this provides clear images, bright and optimum light transmission.

The positive click reticle adjustment allows you to maintain your settings and get you quickly zeroed in.


Choosing the best 3-9x40 Scope for your hunting rifle is very important, it can be a challenging process but not impossible to get your choice. By just reading this article, most of your research has already been completed, and you can make up your mind and select from the ones listed above.

Most of the scopes have prominent and advanced features, and an ideal riflescope will serve you in a user-friendly way, and it can increase your shooting performance. When you are ready, enjoy what a 3-9x40 Scope has to offer, make sure you pick the best riflescope that suits you.

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