What Are The Best BUIS Or Backup Iron Sights?

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Whether your gun is used for self-defense or hunting purposes, as far as you have optics mounted on your rifle, you should also have BUIS installed in the event of sight malfunction. Backup iron sights also allow you to switch back and forth between iron sights and optics at your leisure.

There are lots of choices for good backup iron sights, and with benefits like low light visibility and target acquisition, finding the best iron sight is becoming a necessity.

We take a look at some of the best BUIS to use when you’re in a tight spot.

The tactical stealth is a reliable set of backup iron sight that will ensure that your rifle doesn’t lose accuracy, in any event, your optical mount got banged up.

It has a mounting deck designed with flattop rails & handguard, and they will fit 7/8" weaver style rails. It features a QD flip up automatic deploy, a press release at the click of your finger, and it also locks when in place.

The BUIS has a sturdy highly detailed design to stand all conditions. And Allen screws locking clamp rail with retention base which you can use under the severe condition to maintain zero. It also boasts of two square post assemblies with precision elevation adjustments that give it greater accuracy.

If you’re looking for the best BUIS that’s dependable, battle ready and sturdy, troy micro HK-Style BUIS can take a lick and keep on ticking. You can easily clamp it to your Picatinny system where it remains folded until you need to use it.

The rear sight aperture can also be flipped to choose between the short and long distance shooting.

Troy micro HK-Style BUIS greatly enhances weapons with its top rails, and one of its best features is the rugged design, and it makes it an excellent choice if you are not that keen on polymer sights. The tritium features make the views visible, and it is ideal for low-light shooting. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

This is one of the best flip-up Sights that is built of rugged steel, and this makes it the tactical choice for military tasks.

It has a windage adjustable that features dual rear apertures; this is calibrated for both close and mid-range targets. You can aim through the two range or fold the first aperture down and use the second.

The BUIS comes with flip up sight that you can quickly deploy with the movement of your thumb and you can disengage it when not in use. It also features a solid clamp with big crossbolt which provide a firm attachment to the Picatinny rail system or the weaver. Twod provide you with a lifetime warranty

The Omamba Backup Iron Sights has a spring loaded flip up, and you can easily press a button to release, it pops up quickly, locks in place, and stay firm when shooting. The manual folds up and flatly lockdown on the top rail.

Despite the lightweight of the BUIS, it is sturdy and fit perfectly on a Picatinny rail of the rifle.

The featured rear and a front sight that is adjustable for elevation and windage can quickly pick up fast targets. It also has a precision aperture and CQB that are easy to flip back and forth to provide significant varying shooting experiences.

The Bd tactical BUIS has folding iron sights that are constructed from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy. It comes with a front sight A2 post elevation adjustment and a rear double aperture windage adjustment.

The iron sights are designed in a way that you can use it for either a regular or float free flattop rails & hand guard, and it will fit Weaver and Picatinny style rails.

Furthermore, it features a QD flip-up automatic deploy press release which is at the push of your finger and locks in. It also has Allen screw locking clamp with rail base retention which you can use to maintain a zero under subtle situations when folded or deployed.

A lifetime warranty backs it, and you can easily request for replacement if you have any issue with it.


Back to whether you need backup iron sights or not, and the answer is yes because you do need them. And the last thing you want to happen if your holographic or red-dot malfunction is to be shooting blind at your target. Fortunately, they are easy to mount and available for almost any kind of budget.

It’s always nice to have a Plan B. And now that we’ve looked at the best BUIS on the market, you’re ready to upgrade your rifle.

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