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best folding pocket knife

When your life is on the line, the right tools can make all the difference. No where is that more crucial out in the wild. From the forests of the American Northeast, to the deserts of the Australian outback, nature can be brutal.

There are plenty of important tools in a seasoned survivalist’s pack. When push comes to shove, the one you can’t do without is a folding knife. In addition to the obvious defensive uses, a solid blade is a veritable multi-tool.

If you plan to dive back into danger anytime soon, take our advice and upgrade your knife. Here is our list of Best Folding Pocket Knives.

1. Scallion Folding Knife

The first knife we have is the Scallion Folding Knife. This is an assisted opening drop point blade, made out of 420HC steel.

That means this is a tool that lasts. HC (High Carbon) makes for a harder steel than stainless. 

The blade is on the shorter side, making this a handy knife for work, but not appropriate for protection.

The assisted opening means you can get to work faster, while the high quality materials mean you can work longer. This is a stashable knife that you’ll want in your corner when the situation gets rough. Kershaw knows what a man of the wild needs, and this knife delivers.

The next knife on our list is the Linerlock Knife. The aluminum handle features a camouflage design and a rubberized grip for tactical handling.

Of course, camouflage for your knife is not high priority, but who has to say aesthetic has to suffer for function?

The 3.5-inch blade comes in an imposing black finish. The stainless steel insures a quality blade that will hold up under pressure. Dual thumbstuds means it can be ready for action at a moments notice. However, this is another drop point knife, meaning it’s a workhorse, not a weapon. The Linerlock is perfect for the survivalist that’s all business.

The Sinkevich is exactly what you expect from a brand called “Zero Tolerance”: Tough. The straight back design means this a more versatile blade.

The Sinkevich will be just a much of useful tool as the two drop points, but this is a better knife for an imminent life-threatening situation. 

​With less of a drag than the drops,this could give you the extra seconds you need to survive an attack.

The blade is made from a S35VN steel, one the two steel formulas made specifically for knives. This will give you the edge retention and endurance you need in a dire situation. The carbon fiber handle will keep this monster from weighing you down.

Next, we have another straight back from a name you can trust. The Ontario Knife Company is a major supplier for the US military.

That means this a knife meant for hardcore survival. The front lines and the forest may present different challenges, but the need for a remarkable blade is a constant.

When it comes to the best folding pocket knife, name alone will not suffice. That’s why Ontario mad the RAT with an ergonomic nylon handle, and an AUS-8 steel blade. The RAT won’t let you down in combat, and it won’t let you down when you exit the grid.

If you know knives, then you know Buck. And if you know Buck, you know this icon of American blades.

The Folding Hunter Knife was created back in 1963 to satisfy the need for something besides a fixed-blade.

The locking, folding knife was not yet in the hands of the men that needed them, until Buck Knives revolutionized the tool.

The 3.75-inch blade is made from 420HC steel. It’s a clip point blade, which makes it better suited for puncturing than both the drop and the straight back. This knife earned its spot with high quality materials, a strong history, and the puncturing function. The rest of the top tier blades don’t address that need.


What makes a knife one of the best folding pocket knives is not an exact science. Different scenarios call for different tools. However, if you are in the market for a blade to put your safety on, then you must understand that in the end, materials and craftsmanship make all the difference.

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