World's Best Knife Sharpener – A Professional Review

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If you have ever had to buy utility knives, kitchen knives, or even garden tools, then you know that these apparatuses are not cheap to purchase. Many people become frustrated when they invest a lot of money into these tools only to find that they quickly dull or, even worse, easily become damaged from normal, everyday use.

Kitchen knives, utility knives, and garden tools can gradually begin to dull even from the seemingly most gentle and careful practices. You certainly do not want to continuously purchase these expensive products year after year when your blades begin to dull over time. So, it definitely makes sense to find a dependable and easy-to-use knife sharpener to help maintain your treasured blades.








5.5 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches

2.1 ounces



2.4 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches

0.3 ounces



4.3 x 2.1 x 5.9 inches

1.6 ounces



8.3 x 3.2 x 0.3 inches

4 ounces



8.2 x 3.6 x 5.8 inches

2.4 pounds



9.9 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches

3 lbs



2.3 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches

1.6 ounces



3.5 x 1 x 0 inches

0.3 ounces



13.1 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches

2 lbs



8.1 x 3 x 2 inches

8.8 ounces


As is the case with any tool or appliance, you will need to do your research before purchasing a knife sharpener to make sure you are investing in one that fits all of your needs. From manual to electric sharpeners, to serrated and non-serrated blades, there is a lot to consider when finding the best knife sharpener to fit your needs.

Without Further Ado..

Reflect on these knife sharpener reviews when making your final decision so that you are getting your money’s worth with these products.You may not be a professional knife sharpener, but these suggestions will make sure that you purchase the best knife sharpener for you and your blades.

Different Types of Products


For those who may not be experts in knife sharpening, an electric knife sharpener is certainly the way to go. Most electric knife sharpeners will adjust to different sizes and styles of blades accordingly.

This means that you do not have to worry about whether or not you are damaging your knives in the sharpening process. With an electric sharpener, it basically does the work for you and essentially eliminates any work in the tedious sharpening process.

Electric knife sharpeners are ideal for people that desire a very quick and painless process for sharpening their blades, without having to worry too much about physically polishing a knife by hand with a tool, such as a whetstone.

Some say that electric knife sharpeners are not quite as precise and can miss smaller parts of knife blades. This means that the extremely tiny and defined cuts of the blade on serrated knives may not be precisely sharpened and could potentially be further dulled or even totally damaged.

However, for those who do not need to maintain a wide variety of super serrated blades, then an electric sharpener will do the trick with your basic kitchen and utility knives.


A manual sharpener is the best option for those who wish to have more control over their blades with a somewhat more precise sharpening process. Manual sharpeners just require you to pull through the sharpener, leaving you with much more control over the blade.

This way, you can regulate how much pressure is being put on the knife and you can swipe it as many times as you wish. Manual sharpeners are especially great for those with a wide variety of blade styles that wish to keep each one in mint condition.

Most manual sharpeners will help guide you through the process better than a whetstone would, so the chance of error is much more slim. Overall, a manual sharpener allows you to have complete control over the entire sharpening process. You will want to find a top rated knife sharpener that will keep your blades in tip-top shape.


Kitchen IQ

KitchenIQ is a housewares brand and a subsidiary of Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc.

KitchenIQ is a world leader and the company is considered experts in manufacturing manual and electric knife sharpeners, as well as other edge care products. If you are looking for a company that truly knows how to maintain and care for blades, then KitchenIQ is certainly the right company.

Their highly celebrated sharpeners have quickly become top selling items in their line, and since 1886 KitchenIQ has been a celebrated housewares brand.


AccuSharp is a line from Fortune Products that only focuses on making effective knife and blade sharpeners. This means that AccuSharp exclusively applies their company’s efforts to one area of focus, making their products extremely dependable.

Their expertise in knives range from kitchen to workshop to outdoor sports blades. AccuSharp has been widely celebrated for their line of knife and blade sharpeners and is certainly a brand that knows a huge variety of blades.


Presto was founded in 1905 and has focused on creating great housewares products ever since. For over one hundred yeas, Presto has been working on perfecting housewares products including trustworthy blade and knife sharpeners, so they are a brand name that can absolutely be trusted.

The name is known for leadership in housewares and portable electric appliance field, making their knife sharpeners some of the most recognizable and trusted on the market.

Top 5 Products

1. KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip

The KitchenIQ 50009 manual knife sharpener is known for effectively sharpening high-quality metals. Any high-quality metal blades are completely safe running through this knife sharpener.

The V-grip bottom is great for use on the edge of a table or counter, and the soft handle makes for a more comfortable experience with more control. This knife sharpener is highly trusted and better yet, extremely easy to use.

This is the best knife sharpener for those simply looking for everyday knife maintenance on dulling and damaged kitchen knives.

The KitchenIQ 50009 does not work on serrated blades; so keep in mind that any knives that have those small, precise cuts on the blade will not be sharpened when run through the KitchenIQ 50009 and could, in fact, be damaged further.

However, this sharpener is perfect for simple household kitchen knives and all non-serrated blades.

The AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener is a simple and easy manual sharpener, which is really all you can ask for in a knife sharpener. All you have to do is draw the AccuSharp tool over your blade to sharpen. The diamond-honed tungsten carbide makes for a quick and accurate sharpening process every time you use the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener.

This sharpener is especially great because is renews edges in an instant with minimal effort, and even has a safety handgrip to prevent from cutting yourself. This makes the sharpener safe and accurate when you run it over your blades.

Overall, the AccuSharp 001 is an amazing sharpener for those looking for quick and easy fixes to their dull blades, and these specific features make it a top rated knife sharpener.

If you are on the market for an electric knife sharpener, then the Presto 08800 is certainly the way to go. This two-staged sharpening system includes precision grinding for perfect angles.

You will not ever have to guess whether or not you are correctly using the tool because it will position the knife at an ideal sharpening angle every time. Since a lot of knife sharpening mistakes come from swiping blades at incorrect angles, the Presto 08800 is the best sharpener to ensure you are holding the knife correctly.

The sharpener comes with professional-grade Sapphirite sharpening wheels and easy sharpens most any non-serrated blades. The Presto 08800 will do all of the hard work for you so you can have peace of mind that your blades will not be further dulled or damaged.

The SunrisePro Knife Sharpener is truly the best knife sharpener for anyone looking to manually fix dull blades, and fix them as quickly as possible. This sharpener will sharpen blades in less than sixty seconds and can be used on anything from simple kitchen cutlery to more complex garden tools.

The sharpener has diamond precision for fast and totally accurate sharpening every time you use it.

The strong suction cup mound makes it sage for bench use and is a great safety measure for the user, as well. Though it works fast, the SunrisePro is tailored to achieve a perfect angle every time for accuracy.

The Lanksy PS-MED01 BladeMedic is the best knife sharpener for those looking to manually sharpen serrated blades. The diamond-tapered rod makes fast reconditioning and easy maintenance on different types of blades. Only three or four strokes will do the trick and restore dull and damaged blades, so it is a quick and exact fix.

The best part of the Lanksy PS-MED01 is that the serrated knife sharpener. This part is designed to get inside even the smallest serrations.

This makes the Lanksy PS-MED01 stand out from the rest because a good serrated knife sharpener is hard to find. Of all the knife sharpener reviews out there, this one truly stands out as the best for serrated edges.

Next 5 Products

Our top five products should give you a strong handle on what kind of knife sharpener fits your needs. Whether it is an electric or manual sharpener, for serrated or non-serrated knives, or a sharpener for kitchen knives or garden tools, our top five products definitely pave the way to narrow your sharpener search.

Although the aforementioned list consists of high quality, dependable sharpeners, the following list contains is five more products that are highly recommended.

While perusing this list keep in mind some of the important features you would desire in a knife sharpener, so you can make the best decision while purchasing.

6. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

It is very apparent why this sharpener has the word “multifunction” in its title, because this sharpener can truly handle it all. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal has a tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrations and gut hooks, and the carbide blades quickly set the edge.

The preset sharpening angles provide guaranteed results on each use, so no more worrying about whether or not you are accurately caring for your knives and blades. Convenience and accuracy are certainly the main selling points of this sharpener.

Smith’s PP1 knife sharpener is especially handy for those who want an extremely portable and convenient sharpener. This sharpener can literally be thrown in your pocket, making it accessible everywhere. As if the Smith PP1 was not convenient already, it also has a lanyard hole for easy attachment and travel.

For those who need to meet a lot of different sharpening needs – whether it is coarse, medium, or fine blades and knives – then the Work Sharp WSKTS is the absolute best option.

Every use will have you sharpening your knives quickly and easily.Not to mention that the Work Sharp WSKTS provides consistent results with each use, so you are never left wondering what results you will receive from the process.

In addition to offering peace of mind, this sharpener can also sharpen a very wide array of household, shop, or garden tools.

This means you can maintain more intense tools and blades, but also touch up your less intense ones like kitchen knives, for instance. The Work Sharp WSKTS will fit every need for all of your blades.

If you are searching for a great electric sharpener, the LINKYO Knife Sharpener may be what you are looking for. Some argue that electric sharpeners provide the user with less control over the process, however the automatic blade on the LINKYO holds the knife in its ideal position, while its heavy-duty feet keep it firmly in place.

This means that you can count on an accurate and completely safe process with each and every use.

The two-stage system makes sure your blade angles are reshaped and rejuvenated, while also honing and polishing, as well. Essentially, the LINKYO will take care of the whole sharpening process from start to finish, while needing minimal effort from you.

If an electric sharpener is what you seek, then the LINKYO should absolutely be taken into consideration for your purchase.

Once again, Smith’s has perfected the portable and accurate knife sharpener. The CCKS is simply a two-step pull-thru sharpener, which means you can maintain and sharpen your blades almost effortlessly.

Do not let the small size fool you, because the Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener can care for and sharpen coarse, carbide, fine, and ceramic blades.

The Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener is easy to use and easy to travel with, making it a great portable sharpener for those looking for a quick and easy way to care for their blades.

If you have higher quality knives that require more maintenance attention, the Koolife Knife Sharpener is a fantastic option. The first slot in this three-stage sharpener can handle dull and damaged blades in just a few pulls.

The second stage is for finishing and polishing the edges, while third can care for ceramic knives and exact-grinding.

If you ever worry about potentially hurting or damaging your super expensive and delicate blades, then the Koolife Knife Sharpener is definitely the best option. The strong build and handle ensures accuracy and safety throughout the process.

Buying Guide


Buying the best knife sharpenerfor your needs is not quite as simple as it may seem. With all of the different types of blades out there and all of the different amenities offered by sharpeners, you will need to be sure to find the best sharpener for you and your blades.

Keep in mind that just because a tool is a top rated knife sharpener does not mean that it will fit all of your personal needs.

Consider the different types of blades you will need to maintenance. If you have blades with serrated edges, it is important to find a sharpener that can accommodate these needs.

Anything Else?

Another important issue is whether or not you will be sharpening cutlery or other types of blades. For instance, if you only plan to maintain your kitchen knives, you will probably purchase a different sharpener than those who will need to also maintenance their garden tools and utility knives.

Some sharpeners can only assist with specific types of blades and knives, so keep in mind what types of blades will need sharpening.

Lastly, do not forget that these sharpeners are either manual or electric. A manual sharpener will allow you to have more complete control over the entire process from start to finish.

An electric sharpener will do most of the heavy lifting for you, so anyone who is not an expert in sharpening blades does not have to worry about further damaging their blades.

Even though a lot of manual sharpeners have safety measures that assure the user will not harm him or herself or the blade, it is still a very important point to consider when purchasing a sharpener.

What If I Forgot My Sharpener?​

Well.. we all do have times that we forgot our gears. Check this out if you happened to be one of them one day.


Buying and using a professional knife sharpener does not have to a stressful process; however, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are finding a sharpener that can fit all of your needs.

Manual and electric sharpeners can offer different services to the user, and the type of sharpener needed certainly depends on the collection of blades that will need maintenance.

Another important factor in the buying process is making sure you purchase a top rated knife sharpener from a trusted brand. These knife sharpener reviews will be sure to lead you in the right direction so that you ultimately purchase the best sharpener for all of your needs.

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