What Are The Best Cheap ACOG Reticle For The Money?

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ACOG means Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight by Trijicon; this is an optic that is made for war-fighting. And it has been adapted for other purposes such as target shooting and hunting. The Advanced combat optical gunsight is one of the best rifle sights available for the vast majority of carbine shooters. Though there are ACOG clones, they don’t come close to the best ACOG reticle.

Of course, there isn’t just one advanced combat optical gunsight but lots of them, and you got to filter down to the one that is best for you and your wallet. In this ACOG review, the guide goes through the best ACOG about different situations and provides you with the best cheap ACOGs.

Trijicon ACOG is one of the most affordable ACOG on the market. This scope has a compact 4×32 dual illumination that is built of the highest grade aluminium. 

It includes precision engineered lenses, and it provides traditional daytime illumination. The tritium phosphor lamp provides the scope with light at night. It also comes with a 15-year warranty.

The ACOG comes with a flat top adapter you can use to attach it to your rifle, and it has a magnification of 4x power. It has a calibrated green ballistic reticle that is made for .223 cartridges. It also features broadband anti-reflective coated lenses, bullet drop compensation, and fog proof/waterproof construction.

This Trijicon ACOG has a housing material of forged aircraft aluminum, and it features an amber illuminated crosshair reticle pattern.

It has an anti-reflective coated lenses and a built-in red dot that allow you to transition between a close up long distance shots easily. It has an amber colour for both day and night reticle.

The ACOG has a calibration of 0.223 and a flat top mount that makes it easy to attach it to a rifle. At 300 yards, it is accurate, and getting the sight picture is much simpler.

It also features a tritium and fiber optics, and an attached RMR LED sight that has 4.0 MOA red dot.

When it comes to precision and accuracy, it’s hard to beat this ACOG with a 308 ballistic reticle.

You can utilize the Bindon Aiming Concept, and when shooting with both eyes open, it can be used as a CQB sight.

It featured a tritium and fiber optic illuminated reticle which automatically adjusts the brightness.

The ACOG is made of rugged aircraft aluminium alloy housing that provides an almost indestructible sighting system. The featured cross-hair ranging reticle gives bullet drop compensation to about 1,200 meters.

It has a 3.5 power that is perfect for engaging either small or medium range targets at proximity.

If you need an ACOG for AR15, this cheap ACOG Reticle is the chosen one. It has a housing material of forged aircraft aluminum alloy body.

This is calibrated for supersonic 110-125 and subsonic 174-240 grain bullets ammunition.

Using a supplied alkaline battery, it can stay over 12,000 hours on the setting.

The ACOG has a battery illuminated green crosshair ballistic reticle with the TA51 mount. Without any manual adjustments, the ranging reticle gives bullet drop compensation up to 600 meters.

By moving the RMR mount forward, the body has been optimised to maximise its performance which is in conjunction with the ACOG. It is also compatible with full night vision devices and other ACOG accessories that are available.

It is hard to argue against this Trijicon being one of the best ACOG reticle scopes for the money.

The scope, itself, is constructed of forged aircraft aluminium, and it houses a calibration of 0.223. 

It has red color for both the day and night reticle, and it also boasts of Bindon Aiming Concept.

This model comes with a bullet drop compensation and a TA60 mount that is quick and easy to place. It has an illumination source of fiber optics and tritium with a reticle pattern of duel illuminated green chevron.

It also includes one compact ACOG scope coat, medium sized pelican case, and one lens pen.


Though the best cheap ACOGs can run up to a couple of thousand dollars, they are very much worth it in the end. They are precise, easy to use, and tough as nails and they are one of the best optics that is available on the market.

Buying an ACOG requires a commitment, and it isn’t something to be entered into lightly. And the trick is in picking the best one that will compliment your big investment. And if you’ve got the cash, there is no real reason not to grab from the best ACOG reticle listed above.

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