A Thorough Midland GXT1000VP4 Review

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As any survivalist knows, you aren’t always out there alone. It’s always better to have a teammate. If the two of you put yourselves in harm’s way on a daily basis, make sure you’re connected. Your partner is an asset, and often getting separated is a guaranteed casualty.

That’s why you need reliable communication. Cell phones won’t cut it when you’re miles away from civilization. The only trusted option is a two-way radio. We’re here to review the Midland gxt1000vp4, a prime example of quality survival gear. Midland only deals with radios, so you know you are in good hands.


What makes a good two-way radio? A lot of factors go into deciding that. We’re going to look a several aspects of this model so you know the ends and outs.

First, we’re going to look at the hardware. Like all survival gear, your radio has to be tough. It has to survive any situation nature might throw at you. It also needs to have a battery that lasts. If you have a power eater on your hands, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. You can’t stuff your bag full of batteries just to keep your radio running.

Second, we are going to look at the communication capabilities. You need something that with range. If your partner is fifteen miles down the river, but your radio only has a range of ten, you can expect the worst.

You also need plenty of channels for clarity AND privacy. The first is self explanatory. You don’t want your signals crossing with others. Privacy is less obvious. Worst case scenario, you might be on the run from a would-be assailant. If he can eavesdrop, he can out maneuver you.

Lastly, we’ll look at added features. That can be included accessories, functions that don’t fall under the other two, or even style. While I doubt you’d let it sway you, looks may be a concern for some.


As we said, the product we’re reviewing today is the Midland gxt1000vp4. This is a 36-mile capable radio when conditions are optimal.

It has 50 available channels Midland is a trusted name in the communication business, so this is a product you can assume to be top notch.

For it’s capabilities, this is relatively inexpensive radio. It typically goes for a reasonably low price. Other similar options might have a much smaller range and half the channels. At the next price range, you can get some luxury features, but the stats stay about the same in my opinion.

Pros, Cons & The Debatable


Let’s talk about the hardware. This is a solid piece of equipment. The radio itself is water resistant. The key word is “resistant.” The Midland gxt1000vp4 will survive splashing and a drizzle, but not submersion. If your wilderness plans involve a river, upgrade to a fully waterproof model.

We’ve already touched on communication capabilities. If the two of you are on foot, 36 miles will be plenty of distance. Chances are that you’ll rarely be more than a few miles apart. The cushion is just for comfort. It has 50 channels, but more importantly, it has 142 privacy codes. That means your conversations stay secure.

This model comes with a headset, but that is fairly common. It has a direct call feature, so if you have a large group, you can have one-on-one conversations. Probably the coolest feature is hands free calling. Through voice activation, you can trigger a communication. That’s important if your hands are busy doing the dirty work.


The lack of waterproofing is the biggest, and only major, con of this model. That alone disqualifies this from a lot of survival situations. It’s not just that you can’t take in on the river, but it probably cannot handle a heavy rain. You need a radio that can actually handle the wilds.


The midland gxt1000vp4 battery life is probably the main drawing point. It comes with rechargeable batteries that can last up to eleven hours. That may not seem like a long time on just this feature. However because it can also take AA batteries, the duration can be stretched longer. Though I do not need to emphasize that the ability to use common batteries is crucial. Keep a spare pack in your bag just in case.

Eleven hours of battery capacity may not be adequate in a survival situation; where the duration is probably longer than that. This assumes that you do not have extra batteries. Though, to be fair, the capacity out performs many similar models.


At the point of writing, I would recommend this to anyone that is not going to be constantly exposed to water. For dry scenarios, this is definitely a great option.

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