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Once you’ve found and purchased a great multitool you’ll need something to carry it in, other than a pocket or a bag.

A sheath acts as a functional, convenient carrier for the tool. Not to mention, it makes one looks really professional!

That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of multitool sheaths for you to choose from. Check them out below!

1. Spec-Ops Brand Super Sheath Single


The Spec-Ops Super Sheath Single can hold multi-tools, knives and pistol magazines. It’s also made from condura Nylon fabric and a Nylon webbing making it extremely durable.

In addition, the pouch has been reinforced with bar-tack at its most important stress points. To ensure that tools are secure in the pouch, it is built with s snap closure, easy pull “Powertab.” This also allows you to attach and remove the pouch without having to take off a belt or harness you may be wearing.

This sheath’s dimensions are 5"x1.5"x0.9" and it is made entirely in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Maxpedition Single Sheath is a multitool pouch built to last. The base is made of large, unseamed panels of 1000 Denier Nylon.

Each stress point is then reinforced with a composite thread ensuring that there are no unnecessary seams or polyester parts. Then, military grade nylon Webbing is used for straps, handles and modular attachment points. The buckles and hardware are also made from Duraflex to ensure strength and flexibility.

Unlike its competitors, Maxpedition uses complete YKK zippers and slides instead of using YKK slides on generic zippers.

Finally, the bags are then finished with three layers of polyurethane and a coat of DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector which makes the sheath water resistant and able to repel the elements. The diameter of the sheet is 1.5 inches with elastic ret.”

its enclosed height is 4 inches while its height of max content is five inches.


The NiteIze is made of ballistic nylon, molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam insulation and elastic side panels. This pouch is composed of a main pocked that is then complemented by a sleeve on the back of the pouch,

This pouch can hold small accessories. These materials ensure that the sheath can expand to fit either thin or thick multi-tools or pocket knives. This tool includes a over-and-under flex clip that rotates 360 degrees, can lock into 8 positions and can attach to belts and straps that are up to 2.375 inches wide.

The multitool sheath is a universally sized holster which means it measures 5.82" x 2.51" x 2.16" and weighs 2.54 ounces.


The tactical multitool tailor pouch is specifically designed for multi-tools or even folding knives. In addition, it can also potentially be used to carry one pistol magazine or a small flash flight.

The flap of the pouch is secured by an adjustable quick release buckle. If you would like to attach your pouch to modular webbing, a short Malice Clip is included. Malice clips are heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that are not affected by heat or cold and will not corrode.

In order to open the clip once it is closed, you must open it by using a flat tipped object like a knife or screwdriver. The tool comes in a variety of colors including Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green and Wolf Grey. The measurements of this pouch are 5" x 2" x 1.5".


This sheath offers a little more than the others on the list because it can hold your cellphone, tools and any accessories you may need. Specifically, it has five pockets for tools in addition to the cell phone holder.

There is also a small flashlight sleeve, a hook for key rings and a hook and loop flap closure to ensure that everything stays securely in the pouch. Its three way attachment is versatile and connects securely to pants, web suspenders, work aprons and work belts.

This multitool sheath is 6 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and holds most brands of compact phones. Made from polyester fabric, it’s also durable enough to handle the added capacity.

Small tools, that may not be attached to the multitool, like pliers, mini flashlights and screwdrivers also fit securely in the pouch.


When considering what type of sheath you may like, you need to consider material preferences, size preferences and if you would like to be able to hold items like a cellphone or additional tools. Once you make those decisions, any of the above options will be a great choice.

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