What Are The Best AR 15 Carry Handle Scope Mounts?

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For easy manoeuvring​​​​, selecting the best scope mount for your AR 15 with a carry handle is essential. If you have a great gun with a scope that works well for you, skimping out on a mount is going to hinder your shooting abilities.

All of the components together, along with your own skill, is what makes for a great marksman. You will need to consider how large the mount needs to be in order to house your scope effectively. The weight of this mount is also going to be something important to consider.

Remaining light and stealth will make your shooting experience smooth and easy.

Being one of the highest rated mounts, this model will be sure to fulfill the characteristics of what you need to keep your scope in place.

The body, weighing in at only 5 ounces, is 1.5 inches in length.

The compactness of the mount is a feature that enhances your shooting experience. It is strong and sturdy, crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. It comes with an easy way to secure and attach it via two thumbscrews and no tools required.

Overall, the mount is very well made and will provide you with a great vantage point of your sights. It is also highly affordable for those on any budget.

This low profile model is made of the finest aircraft grade aluminium.

It contains a ½ inch riser for scopes and optics that allows you to see over your front sights.

Coming in at 5 ounces, it is sturdy and very lightweight. With two thumbscrews, you are able to attach and detach it easily and efficiently.

 If you are looking for quick eye relief and acquisition, this Monstrum mount is going to come in as one of the best scope mounts for your AR 15 with a carry handle. The fit is snug and you will be sure that the mount is going to deliver.

This rail mount is made with mil-spec quality for an optimal shooting experience.

The body is made with a matte black, solid construction. For fastening purposes, it takes standard Weaver rings or STANAG rings.

Cured with a knurled thumbnut, the see-thru mount seats neatly inside the upper receiver handle. This mount is very lightweight, a mere 3 ounces. Because the rail is so heavy duty, there is no chance for it to become loose with use.

It is proven to be superior to factory mount rails because those are only made of plastic. While using this mount, there is absolutely no interference of the sights.

This mount is meant for red dots and has a medium profiler riser mount. You will be able to have clearance over your front sights.

It weighs 1.5 ounces, a little bit less hefty. For setup, there are no tools required.

The design is see thru, best used with iron sights. Like most of its contenders, this scope mount is durable and made of aircraft grade aluminum.

Adjustments are made using one thumbscrew, and it maintains a perfect height to always provide you with the best line of sight. This is a high quality model and definitely on the list of best scope mounts for your AR 15 with a carry handle.

This is a medium profile, high rise mount that stands at 0.8 of an inch.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and allows for you to be able to see over your front sights.

With this clearance, and the durable aluminum frame, this mount will make a great addition to your gun. It weighs 6 ounces and is sturdy, not faltering after several rounds of firing. It has two twist knobs for attaching and is easy to set up.

There will be no more need for straining your neck as this product will get your scope to the perfect, comfortable height.


As you have gathered from all of the comparisons, these scope mounts all share pretty similar features. The slight nuances will make all of the difference in the way your shooting feels.

Height and weight are probably two of the biggest factors that you should consider while shopping for a scope mount.

Being able to handle your gun with ease and not be weighed down by the mount is ideal, because it should help you, not hinder you.

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