What Is The Best Red Dot Magnifier On The Market?

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The best red dot magnifier on the market at present might not always be the most expensive. It depends on what you need from the magnifier, where you will use it and even what kind of weather you expect to use it in. I have been looking at five examples to compare them.

To start with you will need to work out how much you are willing to spend and think about what type of optical system you're going to need. What range will you need? Do you have an idea if this will be near or far?

Take a look at the five that we chose.

This is designed to fit on automatic rifles firing at rapid speed. It can be used in both near and far ranges.

These range from 0 - 500 yards. The optical quality is 3 x magnification in a compact design which does not affect the optical quality.

It has a field view of 100 yards and wind adjustment for the accuracy of firing angle. The fine line (Enhanced Battle) reticle is designed for consistent aim and using the 5.56 x 45 cartridges helps with rapid shooting.

These optics will perform well under most conditions of terrain and weather, though not sure whether rapid shooting would be helpful at a firing range or in hunting.

This is a strong optical instrument which has a hardened, anodized coating in aluminum.

It is simple to use and allows for quick 3 x magnification of sights with the red dot. It is waterproof, strong and less weight to carry.

The optics are all fully coated for protection, and this sounds very weatherproof if using for hunting or game shooting.

It will be useful for using on ranges as packing this with your equipment will not weigh you down, but it will be sturdy enough to stand up to all weathers. It also costs lesser than the Vortex Optics SPR-1303 Spitfire mentioned above.

This comes with its own mount and is both waterproof and fog resistant.

I think this is a good all-around magnification for an AR-15-type rifle both in quality, and eye relief.

The glass is clear enough for any eyesight and the reticle is etched so you don't have to care about the battery life. The reticle is illuminated and a little heavier than its competitors.

You can fit this in any ACOG mount and the base can be removed so it can be used on the carry handle. This comes with a 1 year warranty.

This is half the price of the 2.5 x Compact AR15 Scope that is described earlier.

This has 3x magnification and is both waterproof and fog resistant like the Scope, and you need to put this magnifier behind your red dot or reflex sight to gain the magnification.

It has a wide view and clearer vision for both near and far sightings. The diopter allows for quick changes in focus between far and near ranges.

The Azimuth and elevation adjustments will make sure your red dot stays centered. It is protected by a rubber sleeve from weather and knocks. This has a 1 year warranty.

This hard-wearing and strong optic magnifier is probably the best red dot magnifier that is covered by a lifetime warranty.

It is constructed by high quality materials and fully tested for its quality and how reliable it will be.

It has a pivot ring to make installation easier. The 2.5 inch of eye relief with a field view of 44 feet at 100 yards make this one of the best viewers.

To be able to change to mid-distance and back again without changing weapons or optics makes this combo set a must as it rides in tandem behind your CQB optic but pivots off with the push of a button. The adjustments for windage and elevation allow for full use of the reticle image.


So, after reading about the five optical dot magnifiers that I have described above, what conclusion can we get from this? Should we be paying top price for quality materials or paying less but still finding value in the product? Where will we find the best red dot magnifier?

A lot depends on what you need out of the optics and what ranges you estimate you will be viewing. Will you need a very weatherproof and sturdy magnifier?

Do you think it will need to be removed quickly and installed quickly? How much do you want to pay? What's the best value for your money? Looking at all five of the above products, they all have qualities that are similar and also differences. You need to decide what elements are most important to you before buying.

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