What Are The Best AR 15 Scope Mount You Can Find?

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Scope mounts for AR rifle are essential gear when it comes to targeting or shooting at a long distance. The appropriate mounts allow you to maintain consistency and precision while shooting. It consists of rings and base that allow you to keep the rifle scope in the right position and steady. Most of these mounts have either one or two pieces design with two sets of rings which are mounted firmly on the rifle.

It is important to do a deep research before purchasing scope mount because many mounts are available which are compatible with AR 15 rifle but are not of good quality and value.

We’ve done the work for the best AR 15 scope mount; it is prepared to make your task convenient and easy to spot the scope mount for AR 15 that fit your need.

Nikon, two piece mount, is made up of all black alloys with a sturdy construction. It is fit for riflescope that has a one-inch tube, flat top Picatinny rails, and AR 15 rifles.

The scope ring is offset, and you can reverse it to fit both compact and regular scope without any hindrance to eye relief.

Nikon is one of the top manufacturers for the best AR scope mount suitable for AR 15 rifles and others.

With the lightweight, the scope mount adds only 5 ounces to the weight of your AR 15. It enables you to set up mount at a particular height and position comfortably, and the rings are easy to install.

The CCOP MNT-1516 Scope Mount is an all black piece that is made of performance tested aluminum alloy.

The mount is compatible with Picatinny rail, and it can easily be installed on any 30 mm rifle scope with few screws.

It has 2 inches forward extension, and it is extremely durable.

The mount delivers high-end performance, and it can turn your AR 15 to a long distance tack driver. This product comes with Torx driver and screws for easy installation.

The girth of the mount rings provides a solid grip on your scope. With the affordable price, it certainly gives you more than the value for the money.

The TMS Mount Picatinny Rails is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, and it is designed with a matte black finish.

This is one of the best AR 15 scope mounts for the compact scope.

It is constructed to fit both one-inch tube and 30mm tubes. It easily attaches to your rifle with one single screw.

TMS Flat Mount Picatinny Rails

The rings on the mount are perfect for magnified optic scopes that have larger objective lenses. It has one piece body that is constructed for better scope alignment, and the offset design makes it easy for positioning the scope. It also includes an additional ring top, hex screw kit, and accessory rail.

The Burris AR-332 is a tactical sight that's compact, rugged, and waterproof.

It comes with a CQ reticle that performs at long range, and it has six screws per ring that give a firm grip to your scope.

The scope mount uses 1/2″ hex nuts that secure it to your Picatinny rail to ensure no slippage at a high torque value.

The Burris AR-332 features three tiny row Picatinny strips that you can use with another auxiliary item. It gives about two inches of forwarding scope positioning, and it has a base and full ring mounting solution in one.

The Aero Precision scope mount feature a rigid and lightweight design.

It complements many high-end scope platforms and easily fit Picatinny rails. The featured cross-slot key way offers you excellent recoil protection.

It has a ring design that is unique, and each ring has two screws at the bottom, and the top ring features a hinge mechanism which keeps your scope tube torque evenly distributed.

The Aero Precision Ultralight AR 15 is the lightest mount on this list weighing 3.4oz. The mounting rings are pushed for forwarding two inches to give better eye relief. It is made of extruded aluminum construction and anodizes with MIL-A-Type 3 black hard-coat.


The best AR scope mount is the one that fits your needs and also within your budget. You can start by thinking about the way you want to use the scope mount and the features you want it to have. The scope mount for AR 15 should be compatible with Picatinny tails, versatile, and also be durable.

There are many options available, and with this review, your only job is to select the right mount from the list for the job. Hopefully, as at now, you should have been able to make up your mind on the Best AR scope mount that is perfect for you.

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