What Are The Best Long Eye Relief Scopes?

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People have been hunting since the dawn of time and is currently a favourite past time for many veterans. However, as a hunter today, we have access to different equipment we didn’t have years ago.

When going out on that yearly hunting trip, you are going to take your rifle. And you will need a long eye relief scope for that as you know. No two hunters are the same, just like the different scopes available out there today. I am here to tell you about a few favourites from fellow hunters and shooters.

Take a look and see what may or may not work for you.

This scope is great when you’re hunting in low-light conditions such as early mornings and evenings.

With a six-inch eye relief and a fast-focus eyepiece that measures just 12-inches, the lenses are coated with Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) to enhance clarity and brightness.

This scope is made with only high-quality materials, built to last and completely water/fog proof.

Even with the worst eyesight, you’ll have no problem seeing any target with this beautifully made long eye relief scope. With the placement of the scope, you’ll hardly feel the recoil and be safe from getting hit by the scope.

This long eye relief scope is versatile and ready for anything, just like you and your rifle.

With a 9.45-inch eye relief and a 2-7x zoom range, this scope is lightweight, at just 12 oz., and won’t add too much to the weight of your scout rifle set up.

The matte finish promises a durable and scratch resistant surface.

It’s made with a durable 1-inch aircraft-grade aluminium tube, so you know it’s built to last. You’ll be able to hunt in any condition because this scope is completely water/fog proof. You will find it quick to focus on your target.

Just like the Vortex Optics Crossfire, this scope is made with aircraft-grade aluminium. This is build to withstand constant heavy recoil. 

It’s fog proof and encased in a shock-resistant housing, comes complete with a side red laser.

The weather resistant scope is blue fused multi-coated to provide exceptional light transmission, resolution and scratch resistant.

Weighing in at just 8.5 oz., it provides you with 4x magnification at a 1-inch diameter and allows you to adjust the elevation.

Built with a true strength platform, this scope is completely sealed. This is to ensure​​​​ you get a fog, shock and rain proof scope. 

You’ll be ready to shoot no matter the weather conditions.

The manufacturer states they perform testing based on input from their customers and has been fully tested on a range of different guns. So it might just suit yours too!

The 1-inch tube is emerald coated for max light transmission, premium zero lockable and resettable turrets with ¼ minute of angle per click adjustment.

This scope comes complete with a 2-inch sunshade, high quality flip-open lens caps and quick-detach rings. This is a long eye relief scope for the price point.

This scope comes in matte black finish and the lens features a lead-free, tough diamond coating. It is also waterproof.

It comes in weighing just 1 pound and the eye relief is 6-9 inches. It’s easy to transition from your standard rifle scope.

It fits on a variety of rifles, but is designed to be mounted forward on the rifle. Though, some suggest that you might miss out on the best features if you mount it on top of the receiver.

The glass is super clear, you should not face much issues with the magnifications.


When it comes to picking the right long eye relief scope, it’s not that hard when you know what you’re looking for.

While many of them are different in some ways, they all offer the same result. It just comes down to what you as a hunter or shooter are looking to get out of it and how you plan to use it.

With a little bit of research, you can really compare the differences among the scopes and find the one that works for you. However, when you are reading this, just be aware that what suit others may not suit you. 

Whether you are new to the game, or you’ve been in it for a while, I hope this has helped in making your decision a whole lot easier.

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