What Is The Best GMRS Radio?

best gmrs radio

Do you know what a GMRS radio is? Not too many people do, but if you’re going to be spending any time away from civilization you probably should become familiar with them.

GMRS is short for the General Mobile Radio Service, which is a service that uses FM radio for short distance communication between two or more devices. They work in a way similar to walkie-talkies but are generally considered higher end and more reliable. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, reliability is key, so investing in a GMRS radio is probably a good idea.

There is a small price for the function and reliability of a GMRS. In order to use one within the United States as someone over 18 years of age, one must obtain a GMRS radio license through the FCC. This license doesn't cost much and generally lasts 5 years. It also extends to all immediate family members.

If it is too much of a hassle, stick with FRS channels.

Away from civilization communication is vital, so you should look to invest in the best GMRS radio possible. Here are 4 GMRS radios for your choosing.


If you want the latest technology, the BTECH UV-5X3 tri-band radio is for you. The newest radio from BaoFeng, the UV-5X3 has all the latest upgrades and is the first radio from BaoFeng to offer tri-band. This is one of the best GMRS radios on the market.

It comes with a rechargeable 1500mAh battery, two antennas, a charger, a headset, as well as a wrist strap and belt clip. Although the UV-5X3 is slightly bulky, the display is easy to read and the buttons are large, which translates to being easy to use.

If you’re and avid survivalist and want one of the best and latest GMRS radios on the market, check out the UV-5X3.

Second on the list is BaoFeng’s BF-F8HP. If you are looking for a high-powered GMRS radio with extra features, yet still trying to stay on a budget, then this radio is for you. This is the third iteration of BaoFeng’s popular UV-5R radio system.

It has high (8W), medium (4W), and low (1W), power settings. With its large capacity battery, it lasts 30% longer than BaoFeng’s previous models. The BF-F8HP also comes with an ear piece, a rechargeable battery, and a charger. The buttons on it are large, and the display is easily readable.

The long lasting battery and easy to use features make this ideal for a beginning survival enthusiast.

Get the Juntai Jp-350 Pro and share with a friend or family member! They’re sold in sets of two, which is perfect since one can’t use a GMRS radio without a partner.

This may look like a walkie-talkie, but it isn’t your average walkie-talkie. The Jp-350 Pro has a range of up to 25 miles and comes with a 1200mAh battery.

This device has all of the perks of a walkie-talkie along with the perks of a standard GMRS radio. The Jp-350 Pro is small and can be easily slipped into a pocket or backpack for easy transport without losing the power of a larger radio.

A GMRS radio’s entire purpose is to communicate with someone else, so go ahead and be prepared with the Midland GXT1000VP4 pack of four. You can share them with your friends and family so you’ll always be in contact.

The GXT1000VP4 has a range of 36 miles and offers 50 different channels. This pack comes with four headsets and two chargers to use with the four provided rechargeable batteries. If rechargeable batteries aren’t your thing, you can easily substitute the battery backs for 4 AA batteries.

Small and compact, these radios are easy to take with you no matter where your adventures may lead.


Picking a GMRS radio is easy if you know what features you want. If power and longevity are important to you, go with a larger model that has more options and a larger battery. If portability is most important, go with a smaller model that can easily be slipped in a pocket or a backpack. Also, consider if others in your group already own a GMRS radio or if they will have to buy an additional one to be able to communicate with you.

Whatever device you choose, a GMRS radio is a great addition to any survival or wilderness enthusiast’s collection of equipment.

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