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Are you looking for the best keychain multi tool on the market? Whether you’re looking to buy your first multi-tool or have one that you just aren’t satisfied with, we can help.

Multi tools often include tools such as screwdrivers, bottle openers, wrenches, rulers and more. Often though, the multi tools vary in the functions that they offer, so it is best to think about what tools you may be needing often before making a purchase or decision on what tool you may want.

Below, check out our list of some of the best multi-tools on the market with varying functionalities.

1. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool


While this Gerber keychain appears basic, it can get many jobs done. It can function as a small flat driver, a medium flat driver, a cross driver, a prey bar, a wire stripper, a lanyard hold and a bottle opener.

This keychain is also light weight. Weighing at 0.3oz and is 2.75 cm in length.

Although it’s light, it’s also very durable. A few other key features to point out include its titanium nitride coating which resists corrosion. It is also airline safe and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


NiteIze’s DoohicKey tool includes a box cutter, a bottle opener, a wrench, ruler, carabineer, a Flat Phillips screwdriver, an extra small screwdriver and a medium screwdriver.

This tool is made from stainless steel to ensure durability and is 2.6 inches in length. It’s also TSA friendly and for those of you who like a choice in appearance, this tool comes in black or stainless steel.

NiteIze also touts the tool’s design, explaining that it is simple to attach, remove and reattach to a keychain.


The Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool has a whooping ten tools making it one of the best keychain multi tools out there.

It includes a 420HC knife, spring-action scissors, a flat/phillips screwdriver, a ruler, a nail cleaner, a pair of tweezers, a bottle opener, a nail file, a medium screwdriver and an extra-small screwdriver.

When closed the tool is about 2.5 inches in length and is perfect for fastening to a key ring or even a belt loop.

For those of you who like a choice in color when it comes to your multi-tool, this tool comes in gray, black, blue, green, red and stainless steel. This purchase comes with a 25 year limited warranty.


If you’re looking for a multi-tool with a few extras, look no further than the Switt+Tech ST60300. In addition to its functionality for everyday use, it’s also perfect for someone who likes to camp or is interested in hardware.

The tool features a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a LED flashlight, a bottle opener, a knife, an awl and a key ring.This is the only tool on the list with a flashlight and you power it by pressing on a soft-squeeze on/off button.

Replaceable batteries for the flashlight are included. The individual tools snap securely into position in the key for stability. Similar to the other tools featured in this post, the tool is 2.4 inches in length and weighs 2.6 ounces.

It is surely one of the best key chain multi-tools out there. The Swiss+Tech ST60300 comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Another Swiss+Tech! The Swiss+Tech ST66676 is one of the best small-multi tools out there. It weighs in at only 1.4 ounces, but doesn’t skimp on features. The tool includes a flat screwdriver, a bottle opener, a Phillips screwdriver, serrated and straight knife blades as well as a micro eyeglass screwdriver.

To ensure the tool stays securely fastened to your keys, it is equipped with a patented lightweight self-locking tool. This is unique for multi-function tools and makes your life simpler by cutting out the need for additional ring or a belt holster.

This Swiss+Tech also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Summing It Off

Before you make a decision on which tool to get think about current pain points you have with your tool (if you have one) and strongly consider what tools you will really need. Then, talk with friends about what tool they use and read through reviews online.

Deciding what the best key chain multitool is for you is not easy and takes a bit of work, but we believe these are some of the best multi tools out there and are certain you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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