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Survival is never a guarantee. This isn’t a family camping trip. There are no cabins. No trail markers. No guides. Just you versus nature. When it comes down to it, your safety depends on the gear you pack.

If you were repelling into a ravine, you wouldn’t bet your life on generic rope and carabineers. You’d want equipment made by experts you can trust. While brand alone is never enough, knowing what names are tantamount for quality is key.

So why would you think any differently when it comes to your pocket knife? You need to know the best pocket knife brands, an we’re here to help. We’ve down the research and we’ve compiled our list of the top pocket knife brands, so you know that you’re buying a piece of equipment to stand behind.

1. Ontario Knife Company

Ontario Knife Company

When it comes to hardcore survival tools, there is no trusted seal of approval than the US Military. You can’t go charging into battle with subpar equipment. The military have more resources to spend on quality. So the fact that Ontario Knife company is one of the least expensive brands on our list says a lot.

OKC has spent a better part of it’s 125 years sending knives to the front lines. They produce top ranking products like the Rat, which comes in for cheap. This makes OKC the best brand of pocket knife for a warrior on a budget. The old rule of thumb is “you get what you pay for.” But Ontario Knife Company proves quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


You can’t make a list of best pocket knife brands without mentioning Victorinox. Another affordable brand, Victorinox is known for the end-all of trusted knives: The Swiss Army Knife. Every boy scout, woodsman, and even handyman has owned a Victorinox at some point.

The brand is most known for the small multi-tool. The product becoming synonymous with “versatility.” Since you can’t fit a toolbox in a survival kit, you need a knife that can do it all. Their most equipped design, the Workcamp, can perform 30 different functions.

Cheap imitations are rampant. For every quality Victorinox you’ve owned, you’ve probably broken multiple knockoffs. Don’t put your trust in generic. Get 130 of Swiss design on your side.


A brand that fully embodies the “you get what you pay for” mantra is Emerson Knives. There’s a reason why Emerson is one of the best pocket knife brands. There’s also a reason why devoted fans are willing to pay upwards for one. The company was founded by a leading hand-to-hand combat expert. That means this is no handyman knife. This is a weapon.

When your life is on the line, you have to be willing and able to physically disable and attacker. These knives were made for just that. In addition to superb quality standards for materials, Emerson has taken it a step farther. Special care and attention has gone into the design of these products. If you’re in harm’s way, you need need an Emerson.


Sometimes finding a good pocket knife brand comes down to who is using them. With SOG, that “who” is none other than the Navy SEALs. If you’re looking for a tactical knife, trust the the most elite force in the world. An inferior knife would never survive the conditions they are put through.

Another advantage of SOG is the affordable price. Some of their highest rated designs, like the Trident, is affordable. It can be hard to find a brand with this kind of endorsement for that price. With an impressive catalog of hardcore gear, SOG is a one stop shop for even the most discerning survivalist.

Zero Tolarance

Although they’re a newer brand, Zero Tolerance quickly shot to the top of the market. There’s a reason they earned this spot as the best brand of pocket knife. They refer to their knives as “proudly overbuilt.” That means they have meticulously perfected their designs.

That perfection comes, in part, down to the materials. Using steels specifically formulated for knives, Zero Tolerance produces blades like no other. One Of their top rated Sinkevich KVT Knife features S35VN steel with a carbon fiber handle. And yes, they make folding knives too.

This means a combination of durability, hardness, and light weight. Any survivalist knows that all three of these must be in balance to make a knife trustworthy.


You’re a survivalist. You need a product as tough as you. While there are other top quality brands out there, use out list to wade through the junk. From tactical to practical, these brands are leading the way in quality and performance.

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