What Are The Best Sniper Rifle Scopes And Their Reviews

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When you’re out in the woods alone, your gear is your best friend. Through thick and thin, it’s the one tool that can save your life thousands of times. Whether you’re fighting off hunger, and it bags you your first meal, or it fends off an attack bear, cherish your gun.

Part of making the most of any tool is having the right accessories. For your gun, that means having the proper optics. When you’re using a sniper rifle, that’s even more important. Finding the best sniper scope can be crucial to your survival. Don’t cut corners.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite scopes to help you find the perfect fit.

Our first model comes to us from Solomone, and boy is it powerful.

With up to 24x magnification, you’ll be picking off targets from hundreds of yards away.

Here’s the real winning point: This baby will probably not burn your pockets.

Usually, we’d recommend staying away from something this low end. It’s generally not going to be the best sniper scope. You don’t want it failing on you in a survival situation. However, this is a solid piece of gear for the budget conscious survivalist.  It’s also one that you won’t mind putting through the wringer.

Even if the situation gets rough, this scope is weather, shock, and fog resistant. You should feel secure about your gear, but you should also not feel like you’re hauling a small fortune in gear. This is the perfect compromise.

The scope will fit both Picatinny and Weaver rails, so if yours falls in the 20 to 22mm range, you’re in luck. This is a versatile scope for a large range of rifles. If you need distance and accuracy, this is the product for you.

Next, we have another budget scope from UTG. It’s a bit more expensive for some people with tighter budget.

This scope has zero lockable and resettable turrets, so making adjustments is a breeze.

It’s less powerful than the Solomone. It goes up to 9x magnification. That may be a deal breaker for many long range veterans. 9x magnification might be more apt for an assault rifle than a sniper. Though, don’t expect to be picking off targets from a treetop.

The hardware itself is a tank. It’s rain proof. It’s shock proof and It’s fog proof. This scope is sealed and filled with nitrogen, so nothing is getting in. What's left is your concentration.

Now we’re stepping back up into the higher magnifications. This scope has up to 24x. That’s going to get you the distance and accuracy you need.

However, the cost might set some people back. Probably, this model is more for people with a reasonably higher budget.

In the grand scheme of scopes, this is still a pretty inexpensive model. A high powered scope can run well over a thousand.

For that price, you’re not only getting a quality scope. You’re also getting a lifetime guarantee. Vortex makes a quality product, and they stand behind it. They also stand behind the fast focus eye piece, and the waterproof scope. This is a durable optic that will last you for years. They guarantee it.

This is our first high end scope. Bushnell is one of the biggest names in optics, and it’s one you can trust.

This scope has up to 24x magnification, so it’s perfect for super long distances.

It features a side focus parallax adjustment to keep your accuracy for the whole range. This won’t give out on you on the long shots.

The lens features Rain Guard HD, so you can keep up the shooting no matter what condition. If you’re ready to step up your optics game, Bushnell makes some of the best sniper scopes on the market. Any of there products will do the job, but this is a perfect fit for the wooded sniper.

Finally, we’ve made it to the best sniper scope. This is another option from Vortex, so you know it’s going to be top notch.

Though, it’s not as high powered as some of our other options. At 6x magnification, you’re only going to stay accurate for a few hundred yards.

However, they make up for it in features and durability. With both a glass etched and illuminated reticle, you’re ready to go regardless of battery supply. This really is one of the best sniper scopes on the market, it’s a bargain.

Summing It Off

Now you have seen it all. We have toiled and perspired for you. Now, use this list to help you find the best fit for you and your rifle. These are all quality options, and you won’t be putting your life on a piece of junk. Go forth and conquer the woods.

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