What Are The Best Walkie Talkies On Cruise Ships?

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There is no doubt that a cruise is a great way to see many places in one trip. They also generally have so much to offer that everyone you are travelling with will find SOMETHING they enjoy doing. However, because of that you and your crew will probably be running all over the place and not always sticking together.

When that happens, how can you keep in contact and know when to meet up again? Cell phones won’t always work on the high seas so many cruisers have discovered the convenience of walkie-talkies.

Walkie-talkies are an easy way to communicate with each other, but they are not all made equal so, which one is going to be best for your needs? We took a dive and take a look at some of the best ones.

The walkie-talkie qualities I find to be most important for a cruise ship are range, clarity of sound, privacy, and hopefully some water resistance! Therefore, this article will probably all that you need to make a choice.

Below is the list I’ve put together based on specifications of what you’ll need on a cruise and which ones worked the best.

1. Motorola MH230R

There are several Motorola radios on the market right now and each one has merit. I like the Motorola MH230R radio for several reasons. It is a great pick for a cruise because its range is incredible and it’s also lightweight which makes it great for kids!

Many people have had luck using it on cruises even when they aren’t on the same side of the boat. The Motorola MH 230R is also water resistant as well. Probably, it would be interesting to mention that a user shared that their child dropped it in a toilet and it’s still working.

I don’t recommend dunking yours in a tank of water as soon as you get it, but just know that it won’t be the end of the world if someone splashes water on it after cannon-balling into the water while you’re laying poolside!

Oh! Reusable batteries can be used in this model as well if you want to know.

There is a lot of buzz around Midland radios right now and many people tout the benefits of them. This radio also has good range and another huge plus is that it is also water resistant.

It has a fairly rugged design so you won’t feel childish carrying it around, but the size is perfect for both an adult or a child. It also has 121 privacy codes which add additional security so your conversations won’t be heard by other people on your channel.

The Cobra ACXT390 comes highly recommended. The Cobra radio shows great range on all areas of the ship, good battery life, and good sound quality.

There were multiple people who mentioned how great the clarity of sound was even on opposite sides of the ship and in some cases, from the ship to the mainland. Again, not saying that it will always be the case. So, don’t be disappointed if this isn’t the case for you but it could happen!

As many will know. Baofeng is a great brand for walkie talkies. One great thing about this BaoFeng is the value. It’s a relatively inexpensive radio but people still have find it comes with the good range and battery life.

The sound quality is strong so it’s easy to hear what the other person is actually saying.

The Midland GXT1000VP4 is similar to the previous Midland model but you just get more of everything. There are more privacy channels and this one is also waterproof.

It also has a whisper feature that allows you to speak quietly to others but still be clearly heard! This will help to not disrupt other passengers and of course sometimes; you clearly just want privacy.


There are a few last minute items you’ll want to consider before purchasing a walkie-talkie. Check to see if your country has any laws on using specific radio frequencies or channels.

Some countries require a license to use GMRS channels. The three radios listed here have both FRS and GMRS radio frequencies so if you just plan on using the FRS frequencies, no license will be required.

Something else to think about is just because a walkie talkie is legal in your country, doesn’t mean it will be legal in the countries you visit. Its best to leave the walkie-talkies on the ship.

Be discreet about your walkie usage. If you’re shouting into the radio so you can be heard, you are probably disrupting other passengers and they are trying to have a relaxing vacation just like you.

Walkie-talkies are a fun way to keep track of friends and family while on a cruise ship. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities your vacation has to offer by constantly making trips back and forth to the room or trying to designate a meeting place every hour. Walkie Talkies give you freedom to change your plans whenever you want.

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