What Are The Best Cobra Walkie Talkies?

cobra walkie talkie reviews

When all other means of transmission is down or jammed, a walkie-talkie could be a life saver. If you are planning to own a back-up communication tool during a time of crisis, a trustworthy and reliable set of walkie-talkies should be high on your list. Take a look at our cobra walkie talkie reviews to understand why we feel so.

Walkie-talkies are beneficial given that they not only can save your life in times of emergency, they can also keep you connected with your disaster preparedness team when there is no cell phone reception.

When deciding on what kind of walkie talkie to choose. it is important to go with a high-quality device that is rugged, durable, and has been proven to withstand a beating.

Introduction To Cobra

One of the leading brands in the realm of walkie-talkies is Cobra. The Cobra brand produces top quality radios that have a variety of outstanding functions. Cobra is recognized for creating all sorts of walkie-talkies from affordable, more lightweight models to higher range, more heavy duty radios.

You will find Cobra walkie-talkies that are long range, water resistant, and have long lasting power options. If you are looking for a good disaster preparedness device, Cobra is a trusted choice.

Let's take at look at the best 5.

1. Cobra ACXT 1035R FLT

The ACXT 1035R walkie-talkie has been rated as one of the best on the market. With a max range of 37 miles, you can keep in good contact with ones you need to stay close to. The walkie features a rugged and durable build and comes with the free family radio service (FRS). The battery charges with a USB cable and is shipped fully charged.

The walkie-talkie features an impressive security system and offers over a hundred privacy codes. This Cobra walkie-talkie can provide you with weather conditions and keep you informed in the event of an emergency.

What’s more is that you receive an assortment of voice modes and the radio is totally user-friendly. The compact device makes the Cobra CXT 1035R easily transportable.

This comes in at a close second in our Cobra walkie-talkie reviews. With a still impressive 35 mile range, the CXR 925 gives the max power permitted by law as well as the greatest capacity lithium ion batteries on the market! Be ready for any type of emergency with the built-in NOAA radio receiver.

The CXR 925 also features the revolutionary high-tech Rewind-Say-Again function. It enables users to replay missed calls. This minimizes the chance of missing a critical call due to a possible crisis scenario. It will also lets users store their information that could otherwise could get lost. The radio comes with a desktop charger along with rechargeable batteries.

While not as powerful as the Cobra ACXT 1035R FLT, the CXR 925 still packs a lot of punch with a smaller price tag.

This 2-way device provides up to 28-mile transmission range in a portable, optimized design. Water resistant structure allows this Cobra radio to face up to any rain storm, while a built-in NOAA weather radio receiver keeps you up-to-date with all government-operated weather stations.

One nice perk about this walker is that there is a built in LED flashlight on the bottom, you can use this light and still remain hands-free. The radio also has built-in rubber grips giving you traction when in slick conditions.

The batteries are AA NiMH that are rechargeable but do not charge as fast as a Lithium ion battery that is featured in the CXR 925. The radio comes with a desktop charging cradle and Micro USB charging cable.

The Cobra ACXT 390 is little and not as powerful as the other talkies but still packs a lot of great features for its price range. This super-light walkie talkie weighs only a quarter of a pound. This is a crucial feature to have when in a survival situation as having too much heavy gear can dramatically slow you down and cause you to quickly fatigue.

The two-way radio provides you with the capability to tune in to nearby NOAA weather stations, and it also warns you of nearby emergency situations.

There are some features that need to be considered before purchasing this lightweight Cobra model. The maximum range is 23 miles, which is slightly shorter compared to other Cobra walkie talkies. The Cobra ACXT 390 will work for hiking and camping, but its range may push you to keep close to your group.

The walkie talkie works well when there are no obstacles around is in the line of sight to the other radio. However, if you are trekking in heavily wooded or mountainous areas, there could be loss of range that could be a factor that you may want to think about too.

Our final walkie talkie review for the survivalist. This product is the enhanced version of the CX112. If you need acceptable range, such as being able to communicate with people in your house or on your block, then this little radio will do the trick.

It comes with power saving circuitry for a longer lifespan while not transmitting or receiving. It is a very small radio which is great for packing and not weighing you down.


Every situation is different when deciding on the right walkie talking. Choosing your device can vary depending on your budget and your particular survival scenario. If you plan to survive in a dense forested area that spans many miles, then the optimal Cobra ACXT 1035R FLT is the best choice.

If you are purchasing walkie talkies for the rare event of a disaster and only need to communicate within your home or a few miles around it, then the smaller, lighter Cobra ACXT 390 could be a better choice.

No matter what choice you make, these Cobra walkie talkie reviews will definitely find one that will not disappoint.

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