What Are The Best 3 Gun Scope For The Money?

best 3 gun scope

The most exciting sport around is 3-gun! It’s called 3-gun because you get to use three different types of firearms during the competition: a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol. These matches are first person shooter video games come to life.

Games usually include eight to 12 individual stages, each with five to 35 targets for you to hit as fast as possible. Many courses make the matches even more fun by featuring walls, windows, barrels, and even cars that you will have to maneuver around or shoot through. You will be ready for action with a high-quality 3 gun scope.

Here are the best 3 gun scopes to help you bring out your inner Rambo:

No list of the best 3 gun scopes would be complete without this ultra-compact model.

It’s incredibly lightweight so it won’t weigh you down as you maneuver around the obstacles.

You’ll be amazed at how sturdily it’s built. It can withstand impact shot after shot. The single-piece body is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with an O-ring seal. The seal serves to make the scope waterproof, fog proof, and resistant to the penetration of dust and debris.

With a mounting system that offers four different heights, this product provides a solid fit that works with both flat top style rifles or shotguns, Picatinny or Weaver. Its bright red dot display provides high visibility during the day.

The amazing battery typically lasts for 300 hours at maximum brightness and 5,000 hours at minimum brightness. It conserves battery life by automatically shutting down after 12 hours.

Let everybody know you mean business when you arrive with your Strike Eagle. It offers you the speed and versatility that you need to be competitive in 3 gun.

The anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission and the fast focus eyepiece provides a crystal-clear sight picture.

The glass-etched reticle is nestled safely between two glass layers for maximum durability. The reticle is also illuminated to keep your aim sharp in low-light settings.

Built from a single block of aluminum that is aircraft-grade, it can hold its ground against recoil and impact. The O-ring seal locks out moisture and debris.

This Burris is excellent for 3 gun. With its versatility, it can improve your accuracy when used on a handgun, shotgun, or hunting rifle.

You will find this helpful because some of your stages at the match will probably require that you transition between all three weapons.

This scope will help you bring your best attack because it offers three levels of brightness and an automatic setting to help you see the red dot as clearly as possible.

During your timed matches, you can focus on finding your target rather than on sight alignment or eye dominance. All you will have to do is put the red dot on your target and shoot.

The Bushnell offers both accuracy and reliability to help you earn points during your 3-gun match.

With multi-coated optics to enable incredible brightness, this highly-durable scope is rust-proof and made of aluminum alloy.

It is virtually scratch-proof, as well, and features an O-ring seal to protect the inside from Mother Nature. With target turrets for exacting precision, the Bushnell’s fast-focus eyepiece and caliber-specific reticle let you zero at 100 yards.

You will especially appreciate the fast-focus benefit because every second counts in timed 3 gun races. The close-quarters accuracy of this sight is phenomenal.

This scope doesn’t require batteries. The vivid Amber aiming point is powered by fiber- optic technology to automatically adjust brightness and contrast to your light conditions.

It features a tritium phosphor lamp that kicks in to illuminate the reticle when there is low to no light.

The aircraft-grade aluminum is built for all seasons and solidly houses multi-coated lenses that gather light without distortion. The high-quality lenses also provide unparalleled clarity, especially at shorter distances.

This Accupoint is water-resistant up to ten feet and protects against high-impact recoil with its longer eye relief.


3 gun competitions are fun, fast-paced excitement! There is no better way to test your skills and improve your shot under pressure. You will become a master of strategy as you plan attacks to conquer obstacles and decide on which weapons to use at the different stages.

Everybody will know that you have come ready to dominate the sport when you show up and show out with one of the best 3 gun scopes from this list. Stay safe and have fun with your new scope!

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