What Are The Best Pistol Scopes And Their Reviews?

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Pistol scopes have proved to be very beneficial; they allow you to zero in on a target by covering a greater distance. It also makes it possible to shoot better at distances between 50 to 100 yards. Tighter groupers are easier to target with a pistol scope, and it improves shooting accuracy by approximately 20 percent.

Selecting a pistol scope can be a pretty difficult task and can be overwhelming, and you might need a detailed pistol scope review article to make it easy during your search.

Luckily for you, we’ve researched the pistol scope available online today and were able to come up with the five best pistol scopes that can meet your need.

This scope has a long eye relief which satisfies any hunter’s needs. It features one-inch aluminum weaver mounting ring which makes it easy to fasten to your pistol.

The 32-millimeter objective and the multi-coated lenses provide free clarity. And the power 2x to 7x magnification makes it a sturdy shooting accessory.

It also features non-illuminated reticle, and it comes with a limited warranty which is against defects in the artistry and materials.

The NcSTAR Pistolero has a lens caps and one-inch diameter of 14 to the 4.5-foot field of sight at 100 yards.

AIM Sports pistol hold its accuracy at 100 yards for multiple trips to the range, and it still stays at zero. It has a long eye relief which gives you comfort and protects your eye.

It features magnification of 2x to 7x, one-inch diameter tube, and the objective of 32 mm gives you total clarity.

The duplex reticle of the scope comes with a built-in red laser and has milled aircraft grade aluminum. It is also charged with nitrogen which makes it fog proof and the sealing process makes it a weather resistant scope.

It can withstand heavy recoil, and the design gives ruggedness, and you can choose between red and green reticles.

Hammers power pistol scope features long eye relief that you can use to set up for pistol target shooting.

It is also an excellent choice as forwarding mounting scope for scout rifles such as famous and old Mosin Nagant.

The zoom power is between 2x to 7x, and it has an attractive silver chrome design.

It has a matching Weaver mounting rings and a fine line reticle of 4plex for pin point accuracy. The premium quality optics that come with the scope gives you a sharp and clear view.

It also features adjustable windage, elevation screws, a pair of scope rings which fit the weaver scope rail and base, one-inch standard central tube, and a bungee corded transparent lens caps.

Maximize your effective range with the BSA pistol scope. You can adjust for windage and elevation with ¼ MOA finger-adjustable clicks.

The multi coated optics provide a clear target picture and give you an instant sight acquisition. It has an eye relief with the range from 11 to 20 inches.

The scope gives you a maximum shooting accuracy, and it is also versatile and can be used as a scout scope.

This scope has an adjustable range of power and larger objective lens that you can use for a wider view. It also features one solid piece of tube, the magnification that varies between 2x to 7x, and one-inch tube diameter.

Simmons has a reliable and rugged scope for pistol and comes with many advanced features.

The TrueZero™ Flex Erector System provides it with nonshifting point of aim at magnifications and all adjustment settings.

The range powers have 3¾ inches of constant eye relief which is provided by the focus system of the scope.

The high-quality optical glass and multi-coated optics provide the sharpest and brightest image in its class. It has one of the best pistol scope reviews in its category, and the raised tab on the power change ring gives you easier grip and adjustment.

The scope is fog proof, waterproof, and recoil proof. It also has an exclusive TrueZero windage and the elevation adjustment system that can lock-in zero and can last through the most extreme hunts


The value of pistol scopes has gone beyond providing just precise aim; they are also useful in developing ideal trigger control. At this point, you have a better understanding of the functions and specifications of these scopes.

These pistol scopes reviews will guide you when you are ready to purchase the right scope for your pistol. There is a guarantee that you will get the best value for your money when you pick from these best pistol scope.

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