What Is The Best Reflex Or Red Dot Sight For Glock?

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When you own a Glock, you can already ensure that your shooting experience is going to be exceptional. To enhance this even further, choose a sight that allows you for the best precision.

Whether you go for a red dot sight for Glock or a reflex sight for Glock, there are many high rated models on the market. The top rated sights that you can buy display durable and reliable features, most with lifetime warranties. 

Weighing 1.6 ounces with a Picatinny mount, this is a red dot sight for Glock models, and contains plenty of top-notch features.

You will have a view with up to 10 different levels of brightness, ensuring that you will be able to see in any environment.

Manual mode gives you the option to select any level you like, while automatic model will choose for you. You will have the most precise point of aim, utilizing the dot to promote quick target acquisition.

It is made from durable aluminum that will not waiver throughout use. The coated lens offers a clear and wide view. Changing the battery is simple due to the top-loading design.

An O-ring seal ensures that this sight stays locked in place, free from any moisture, dust, or debris.

It is contains an extra hard exterior that prevents any scratches or dents, while the lens is coated to combat any oil or dirt.

With non-critical eye relief, you will have quick target acquisition due to this reflex sight for Glock. Power and dot controls are conveniently located on the left hand side for easy access and use.

The battery contains up to 550 hours of life with an automatic shut off after 14 hours to preserve life. A perk of this particular model is that it comes with a free Vortex hat.

This is an incredibly versatile model that comes in 4 colors and can remain waterproof for up to 66 feet.

The magnification is 1X and the brightness comes with 8 levels that can either be selected manually or on auto-brightness.

If you’d like to adjust it, the buttons are easy to push. With a simple click, you can adjust the windage/elevation to your liking without the use of any tools.

The housing shape of the sight is unique and patented, made of highly durable aluminum to diverts the force of impact away from the lens. While staying true to color, the lens allows you a view with wide-band light transmission.

The structure of this sight is lightweight and compact, ensuring that it will not impact the balance or handling of your Glock.

It is parallax-free and uses 1X magnification with simple operation.

The battery life is incredible on this model, claiming to last for 20,000 hours. It is constructed from high quality steel for maximum durability, and is waterproof so you are able to use it in all terrains.

The Picatinny style mount is easy to install and will increase your shooting speed and accuracy. The controls used to operate the sight are easy to use, a simple switch of a button. The built-in light sensor will adjust the display to the perfect brightness while you shoot.

Similar to the previous Trijicon sight on the list, this one also has the patented and unique housing shape.

The red dot of this sight would appear at 3.25” at 100 yards versus 6.5” at 100 yards on the other one.

The brightness levels are the same, providing you with 8 options or the ability to use automatic brightness. Depending on your price range, you can opt for no mount or choose a mount that is to your liking.

The benefit of this sight is that you can truly customise it to fit all of your needs.


Whether you are interesting in occasional weekend shooting or everyday shooting, having a red dot sight or reflex sight for your Glock is going to make all of the difference. The technology in nearly every single model has been updated in the last few years, making for an even greater shooting experience.

A gun is only as good as the parts you choose for it, so consider wisely. Giving yourself the best setup is going to promote the biggest improvement of your marksman skills.

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