​What Are The Best Voice Activated Walkie Talkies?

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Picture this: You’re climbing to the summit of Mt. McKinley. It’s just you and your climbing buddy. The rest of your team is 2 miles down at base camp. Your partner misses a step, falls, and breaks his leg. He’s can’t walk down himself.

You have to grab his pack, and use both arms to support him as you slowly make your way down. The snow starts to pick up. There’s no time to stop and get to your radio. What do you do?

That’s why you need a voice activated radio. Your hands are always busy. Whether you’re saving a life or chopping wood, you need them free. Voice activation is a crucial feature to consider when shopping for a new radio.

We’ve put together some of our favorites. You need something with power and features. Take a look at our suggestions, assess your needs, and make sure you’re never caught without one.


Our first option comes from the brand Cobra. It’s the world’s smallest extended range radio. So it’s compact and powerful.

It has 22 channels, and a maximum range of 27 miles. You can get a lot of coverage out of this radio.

It has voice activation, of course. The sensitivity has 5 different levels so you can customize what it picks up. Another cool feature on this model is the selectable power output. If you know you won’t be getting close to the 27-mile mark, put it on low power. You’ll conserve energy.

The next options for voice activated walkie talkies is another Cobra.It’s a little bit of a step down from the previous model.

With a range still up to 23 miles, you won’t notice it much. It also has 22 channels. You have plenty of room for clear calls amongst your team.

Cobra CX312

It has a wall charger, so you won’t have to mess around with batteries. It’s voice activation does not have sensitivity settings. That can be an issue out in the wilderness. But it’s weather resistant features might make up for it.

Overall, it’s a strong model. You might take the downgrade for the lower price.

Our third choice is truly a “professionals only” model. It actually requires a license to operate. That’s because it gives you the option to use channels exclusively for businesses.

This makes it a great option for campus staff or camp counselors.

Unfortunately, it has a very small range. With a maximum rating of 5 miles, this may not be enough it in the wilderness. If you are homesteading and just need a way to communicate around the property, consider this. If you’re heading up Mt. McKinley, there are better options out there.

This is an expensive option for a very specific niche. If that’s you, you won’t find a better voice activated 2 way radio.

Next, we have another homerun from Cobra. The ACXT390 is actually a step down in features from the last model. This only makes it 23 miles. However, it still has the voice activated features.

It does not feature a sensitivity adjustment, but when used with a compatible headset, this is less of a problem.

This will cut off weak transmissions, so you don’t get stray chatter. If you don’t have a solid connection, it’s tuned out. If you’re near a major road, you will appreciate this.

You have to cut out interference from truckers and hobbyists. This will also help you save power. This radio is meant to stay running for a long time.

Our number one option is another one more suited for casual use. Actually, it’s mostly suited for children. But it’s lightweight and seriously tiny. If portability is an issue for you, this might be your best bet.

However, it only has a 2-mile range, so that portability won’t get you very for. Keep that in mind before you take the plunge.

It has 22 channels, but the more important feature is the option to use privacy codes. It has 38, so your conversations will be clear and secure. It has voice activation, and you don’t even need an accessory.

Again, this isn’t an option for the far wanderer. Stick close to basecamp with this one. It won’t even get you all the up the mountain.


A good voice activated radio is hard to find. Often times you’re sacrificing several features for the one. Keep that in mind before you make a purchase. I trust that you will be able to make a good decision based on our reviews.

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