What Are The Best 1000 Yards Scopes For Shooting?

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Taking a shot from 1000 yards out involves art and exhilaration that mid range competition shooting can’t generate. A good scope for shooting from a thousand yards will allow you to have a decent eye relief that provides plenty of room. It should also protect you from the heavy recoil of most long range cartridges. Another major factor is the magnification, Scope magnification of 1000 yards must have at least 10 power. Anything more is a bonus.

We know that long range scopes are essential for quick and precise shooting. The best 1000 yard scope on the market can be expensive.

So we’ve made up a list of the scopes that are both a bit expensive for high-end users. And we won't forget the ones that are affordable for the people that are on a budget.

Bushnell is known to produce a high wide variety of optics. This elite tactical scope is no different.

It is equipped with a mil dot reticle which is perfect for a thousand yard shoot.

It also allows you to compensate for windage and elevation at the extended ranges. The scope is made from the highest quality glass that provides you with a bright and clear target at any range.

This scope comes with a large 50mm objective lens, and the lenses are coated with rain guard HD coating that protects it in any condition. It also has side focus parallax adjustment for long range accuracy.

It also features a tactical target that has a 6x to 24x power which is between the required scope magnification for 1000 yards. The scope is a bit expensive, but it is one of the best 1000 yard scope with a limited lifetime warranty.

The vortex viper long range rifle scope, is one of the best affordable scopes. It is built to deliver a repeatable accuracy at an extremely long distance. No matter in stressful situations, and harsh environments.

The scope has a light weight that is ideal for precision shooting. The short length provides a good eye relief.

It boasts of a 30mm tube that is made of aircraft grade black matte aluminum. It has a 50mm extended objective lens with a magnification range of 6x to 24x. The illuminated reticle has ten different positions that you can switch using the control knob, and it is purged with argon gas.

This Muller target rifle optics has one of the best scope magnifications for 1000 yards. It starts from 8 and end at 32 power.

The magnification power provides you with an excellent target image at 1000 yards! This allows you to aim smaller targets too.

It also allows you to drill the X ring. The exposed finger tip adjustable target turrets allow you to make an easy adjustment on the go.

It features an objective lens of 44mm that allow you to use a low mounts This also has an eye relief of 4 inches that provide you with plenty clearance for the large caliber. The target crosshair that comes with the scope gives you a clear view of your target at extended ranges.

Burris XTR II Riflescope has adjustable knobs at zero clicks. The featured 50mm objective lens provides a light transmission.

It also comes with an F-Class reticle that is designed to provide maximum utility. This scope comes with a MOA hash marking for elevation and windage.

The front focal plane allows you to use it at any magnification settings. The scope house five times zoom system. It also features a high-performance optics that offer Hi-Lume multi coated lenses.

The scope has an optimising target resolution and dim light and contrast performance. The hand fitted inner assemblies are triple spring, and it provides the riflescope with a shock-proof protection.

Ledsniper Rifle scope is the most affordable one on the list! The price doesn’t deter it from having luxurious and well-equipped features too.

It has a large objective lens of 50mm which ensure clear target image. This scope is also supported with a magnification range of 6x to 24x. 

This product also comes with three different illuminations that you can switch based on your environment. The colours are in green, blue, and red.

It features red and green illuminated Mil Dot reticle which is inclusive of a 3 inches extended sunshade. It gives an excellent windage and elevation. The scope is fog, shock, and waterproof. It also has an adjustable fingertip turrets and multi coated lens.



Shooting up to a thousand yards is possible without an optic but is only safe to do on the range or in an emergency! Not to mention it requires a skill only a few experts have.

A scope shortens the training and range time you need to make 1000-yard shots, and it makes your shooting more consistent. You should keep in mind that 1000 yard scopes require some particular features.

You need the best 1000 yard scopes, yes we know. We hope with the review of both the end high and affordable scopes in this article, you’ve found the one that suits your wallet and needs.

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