Is Barska Scope Any Good? The Thorough Barska Scope Reviews

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Barska has been making sports and safety gear since the 90s. Based in Southern California, they produce a wide range of optics, metal detectors, and safes. Their line of rifle scopes is there biggest draw.

Their catalogue mostly focuses on low to midrange gear. If you’re a survivalist on a budget, Braska is the perfect brand to upgrade without breaking the bank. They offer everything from basic scopes, to laser sights. Basically, whatever your shooting needs, they have the product for you.

We’ve put together a list of our five favourite Braska scopes. Use this our Barska scope reviews to help you find the perfect optic for your rifle.

Our first model from Barska is the Huntmaster. This is the perfect scope for low light situation.

They advertise it as the “Ideal rifle-scope when lighting conditions are less than ideal,”. Let’s be real. In a survival situation, conditions are never ideal anyway. You need to be prepared.

The Huntmaster has up to 12x magnification, so this isn’t a super long range optic, but it will do more than get the job done. The low light benefits come from the brightness settings. There are 11 different levels, so there will always be a setting for you. The illuminated reticle will also help when night falls.

Next up, we have a little bit lower power scope. It’s also great option if you’re on a tight budget. As the name implies, it’s made specifically for 22 rifles.

The Plinker only goes up to 9x, so given that and the small caliber rifle, this is more of a hobbyist option.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a great scope. It’s completely water, fog, and shock proof, so it can take a beating. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. That’s a huge statement on their confidence in the Plinker. You want a scope that has a strong company behind it.

This model is a lower range model of the Huntmaster Pro. The first thing you’ll notice is the lower magnification.

9x can still do the trick, but keep it in mind if you know you’ll need that extra distance.

The tube itself is silver, which is a rare find in the optics world. If you for some reason need a different color than black this is a great option. It lack’s the pro’s illumination features, but it still has the 30/30 reticle.

Combine that with the side adjustment knobs, and you have some really deadly accuracy. This is another fantastic option for the penny pinchers.

Keeping up the budget conscious theme, we have the cheapest model on the list. This is the scope is for the survivalist that wants simplicity.

There’s no illumination, no fancy sights, just a tube with magnification. 9x is it’s limit, so, again, keep the low power in mind.

This scope has the 30/30 reticle, so even at such a low price, this will keep you accurate. You will have to purchase a mounting kit separately, and in terms of durability, they make no claims of water resistance. Keep this out of the rain storm. Otherwise, this can be your go to scope.

Finally, we have the best of our Barska scope reviews. This 9x rifle scope is still on the lower powered side, but they step up the value.

This is the priciest model on our list, but it still very affordable. As you’ve probably noticed Barska really shines in the low budget demographic.

The scope is water, fog, and shock proof, so you know it will stand up to any situation. It has an illuminated reticle, so this is the perfect option for low light situations.

This comes complete with a mounting kit, and a host of other accessories. This isn’t the end all be all of scopes, but it’s a definite upgrade from a super basic option.


So there you have it. These are our Barska scope reviews. If you’re looking for a low price scope, this is the place to start. The scope market widespread and there are a ton of brands. It helps to be aware of what names you can trust.

While a professional marksman wouldn’t likely go with Barska, it’s the perfect brand to just be prepared. If you don’t need every feature under the sun, pick up one of these bad boys today.

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