What Are The Best Iron Sights For AR 15?

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Sometimes you can’t trust a scope. When the pressure is high, finding your target through the lenses can be impossible. There are laser sights, but that’s not discrete. Plus, batteries can fail. That’s why sometimes you can only count on a trusty set of iron sights.

Iron sights mean you have to manually line up two points with your target. That may seem tedious, but it’s nearly fool proof. As long as your sights aren’t misaligned, you don’t have to worry about failing gear.  

We’ve put together a list of the best iron sights for AR 15 rifles. When you’re under fire, it will give your own eyes a chance to win their scope.

First up we have a complete set of sights from Ade Advanced. The big advantage of these is how they mount.

At a 45 degree angle, you’ll get a more natural line of sight than trying to look straight down the barrel. These can mount ambidextrously on any Picatinny rail.

Another great feature is the relative affordability. Without burning a big hole in your pockets, you get both rear and front sights. That said. No, they aren’t flip up. If that’s a deal breaker, move on. But for most, the lower than average price is a huge selling point over a flip.

Next on our list is a flip-up sight from UTG. Since it’s a single rear sight, make sure your rifle has a suitable front sight.

This is an aperture sight, with windage adjustments. This will get you as accurate as possible with a manual sight.

The flip has a Posi-lock feature. That means the sight is locked into place. You won’t have it tipping between shots, regardless of the scenario. It’s made out of aluminum, to ensure durability.

This is a light weight sight, but it can take a beating. It can fit both Weaver and Picatinny racks, so chances are, it will work for you.

Of course, iron sights tend to run on the cheaper side but this may be on another level. If you’re looking for a cheaper upgrade from your included sights, give this one a try. It’s well worth it.

Our next model is another one from UTG. While this one is about the same price as the cousin, it’s not a flip sight. It’s still an aperture sight, and it’s still a rear only, but it’s a bit more solid.

Not only due to the non-flipping aspect, but also do to the high quality aluminium and steel construction.

Get ready to lock and load with this sight. Whether you use it with your factory front sight, or upgrade that as well, your aim is in good hands. It will fit on any Picatinny rail.

Next up we have another aperture sight. This flip-up rear sight from Magpul Industries Corporation is a little bit more expensive for some people.

But when you’re dealing with such low prices to begin with, you can’t dwell too much on it. These are both still on the lower end of the optics scale.

One main advantage of the Magpul is that it is specifically tailored to the needs of an AR 15. It’s also great for an M16. If your rifle has a Picatinny rail, this is for sure one of the best flip up iron sights for AR 15 rifles.

If it’s of concern, rest assured this is made in the USA. We know in many cases that means the best quality, and the best parts. Magpul has you covered on price, durability, and effectiveness. Put your life in good hands.

We know what you’re thinking. We just reviewed the Magpul MBUS above. However, this is the whole set. That changes the ball game.

That’s why this is the set of best iron sights for AR 15 rifles.  When you up grade your front and rear sights, you get a whole new level of accuracy.

With the rear sight, you’re getting the same deal. It’s an aperture sight for a Picatinny rail. For both pieces, you’re looking at an impact resistant polymer, to keep these babies true for years. They also feature a spring assisted flip, so you’re ready to take aim faster.

Again, I know it seems repetitive. But you’re perfectly able to use the factory front sights with the rear alone. However, why waste such a great product? Upgrade both to make sure your target doesn’t slip away. When you need accuracy, you need full coverage from Magpul. You will need American made optics. no?


There you have it This is our list of best iron sights for AR 15 rifles.  Use this as a guide to find what suites you the best. You can’t go wrong if you go with high quality gear.

Remember, these sights are always good to have when technology goes wrong.

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