What Are The Best FFP Or First Focal Plane Scopes For The Money?

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First focal plane scopes are increasing getting more popular with the shooting community; this is because it maintain the same spot on the target at varying ranges as the magnification changes. It also allows you to use the reticle for shooting correction, range estimations, and holdovers.

First focal plane scopes can be quite expensive, and you might want to make sure that your investment matches your shooting style and scope. These are where we come in; we researched the best first focal plane scope for the money that is available on the market.

We are able to come up with five best FFP scopes which are affordable and have great features and qualities.

1. Primary Arms 4-14 X 44 FFP Scope ACSS HUD Reticle PA4-14XFFP308

Are you are looking for a scope that will give you all the amazing long range features? And that you have been looking for it at an affordable price?

This is the one.

The Primary Arms 4-14 X 44 FFP Scope ACSS HUD is specifically fashioned for .308 loading. It also features an ACSS HUD reticle which stays true to the entire scope magnification range between 4x to 14x. This scope also features a wind holds, quick ranging, and leads.

The scope also boasts of an illuminated center reticle; it has an off notch between the six different brightness settings. The featured side mounted parallax adjustment knob allows you to free the reticle parallax easily and at extended ranges, it keeps the target image sharp, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

This is another great product from Primary Arms; the scope has a waterproof, fog resistant, and shockproof.

It has a Mil-Dot reticle that is consistent with the magnification range, and the reticle matches the click adjustment which makes it easy for you to make sighting in and adjust for range.

It also featured a mounted adjustable knob that makes the image sharp at long ranges and keeps the parallax free.

The scope doesn’t have an illuminated reticle, but it makes provision for an optional sun shade which you can buy separately. The glass is clear, and the turrets are well put together, and it is easy enough to use for a beginner. You don’t have to break the bank for the product because it is affordable and it comes with a three-year warranty.

The Monstrum Tactical FFPS62450-R is one of the best first focal plane scope for the money that has a high-performance long range focus.

It comes with an adjustable objective lens which gives it a sharp target image, and it eliminates parallax and range estimation.

With a magnification range of 6x to 24x, it is capable of pinpointing mid to long range targets of about 1500 yards and further.

The etched reticle gives you better visibility in low light environments or at night, and these are possible with or without illumination. It also has a responsive touch button reticle switch which gives it a reticle illumination adjustment with little movement, and the rangefinder feature gives it a holdover correction.

The Athlon Optics Argos has an all power settings that allow you to utilize the particularly designed reticle entirely. It also adjusts to your target image as you zoom out or in.

It also featured an advanced multi coated lenses which gives you an optimum brightness with a better light transmission.

The 6061T6 aircraft grade aluminum tube gives it an incredible strength! Not to mention the exceptional mechanical integrity protects the optics and make it more durable.

It also boasts of reticle etched that gives it an excellent backing support and shock resistance to recoil. And the argon purging offers better thermal stability and waterproofing.

Lone Star Precision 4.5-18X44 FFP Tactical Scope is an affordable scope that comes with great features! No wonder it is in demand with high performance shooters.

The first focal plane reticle gives it a ranging magnification zero stop which allow the elevation turret to return to zero instantly! The 30mm tube makes it easy to increase travel adjustment.

The scope has a quality construction, and it has a clear glass that makes it easy for you to see through. The mil reticle is also very easy to read, and the full magnification makes it quicker to get a good target image.

It also features a capped windage turret, re-settable and target style elevation turret.


There are many FFP scopes in the market for you to select. However, your options become somewhat limited when you want the best first focal plane scope for the money.

Irrespective, with the right information, you can get the best product at an affordable price, and which will serve you for a long time.

With the review above, we hope you’ve now gotten a good understanding of the first focal plane scopes, and you now know the one that fit your profile. It is left for you to choose from the list above and get the one that best suits your investment.

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