The Best Cheap Tactical Flashlight in the Market Right Now!

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

Every person who stays outdoor knows that you won’t last a night without a good flashlight. If you’ve been camping before you’ve probably had to go to the washroom at some point while its dark. In the rough environment of the outdoors it’s essential to carry equipment you can rely on. It needs to be able to resist the weather and survive being dropped. Remember you rely on these tools.

Because survival equipment can be expensive, you may be interested in saving a few bucks. Here we have compiled a list of the best value tactical flashlights you can buy without hurting your wallet.

1. PeakPlus Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

PeakPlus is a company specialising in outdoor gear at great prices! And their LED tactical flashlight is no exception. It has a rechargeable battery and five different light modes including a strobe. So you’re guaranteed to always have the type of lighting and battery life for any task.

Its sturdy aluminium shaft can extend up to 6.1 inches if you need. It also comes with a portable carrying case to keep it dry and safe. PeakPlus has done an excellent job delivering affordability and performance with this flashlight.

2. J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

The sleek design of the J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight is definitely a major appeal. But aside from its aesthetics this affordable tactical flashlight offers some great features. This is also the best tactical flashlight currently.

The flashlight powerful Super Bright 300 Lumens LED allows you to shine light up to 600 feet away in one of four different lighting modes.

The extra distance proves to be quite useful when you’re trying to make your way around a campsite. But perhaps its most prominent feature is the fact that it’s rechargeable. Only requiring one AA battery to work means you won’t need to count your batteries as a lifeline.

3. Wilker Super Bright Professional LED Tactical Flashlight

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

Our next pick is this zoomable flashlight from Wilker. Sporting 5 different lighting types, it also includes an SOS feature. Shedding light on a situation will never be a problem. A waterproof aluminum frame keeps the insides safe from any harm. This means you can use it in a rainstorm or even a dust storm!

The most important thing with equipment like this is to have it work when you need it most. You can be sure this flashlight will be ready with its long battery life. Because of the solid design of this cheap tactical flashlight you'll rely on it for many adventures to come.

4. WdtPro 1500 Lumen LED Flashlight

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

The environment can be rough and harsh, so the WdtPro LED Flashlight is designed with durability in mind. Its hard anti-abrasive shell is water and drop resistant. This ensures that you’ll never have to go without light in the event of bad weather or luck, or both.

This cheap tactical flashlight is versatile as well as sturdy. Its focus-able zoom lens lays a variety of different settings at your disposal. At 1500 lumens, it is one of the brightest tactical flashlight.

The strap on the end also helps keep it from falling in case it slips from your grip. Although there’s no need to worry for its safety if it ever does.

5. Tactical Elite – Professional Series Flashlight

cheap tactical flashlight, best cheap tactical flashlight

Being able to carry your flashlight in your pocket at night is always handy. At only 5 inches long, the Tactical Elite – Professional Series Flashlight is compact and portable.

It is also light which means that carrying it around in your pocket won’t be tugging your pants down.

Don’t let its size and weight fool you though, it shines just as bright as any good tactical flashlight.

The flashlight frame is made from an aluminium alloy which can withstand impact. This makes it highly durable. Hence, even if drops from a height, there is no worry that it will break.


There is a wide variety of choices of tactical flashlights for your next outdoor adventure. This may make you stumped on which one to choose but it doesn't need to be hard.

The most important part is to stay within your budget. Getting good quality doesn’t always mean spending big money. There are lots of good and cheap tactical flashlight available which gets the job done.

To help you with your decision. We have created this list for you to "lighten" up your burden of choosing one.

Depending on the number of modes and battery life you’re looking for. There will definitely be an affordable tactical flashlight just for you.

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