What Are The Best Gurkha Kukri Knife?

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The Gurkha Kukri: A traditional knife of the Nepalese people. It was originally used by the people of Nepal as both a tool and a weapon. Today, this multi-purpose tool had become a popular staple for hunting and self-defense.

These knives are designed for function. The curved blade of the knife makes it easy to hack through thick brush. The knife’s design also makes it an excellent tool for hunters, because it slices as it chops with minimal effort.

Now, I am going to share with you what you need to know so that you can choose the best Gurkha knife on the market. I will be giving you all of the information you will need to know about the best kukri brands, the most highly reviewed knives, and a buying guide that will let you know what to consider before making your purchase.

With all of the following information, you will be armed with everything you need to make the right decision.



Full Tang?


Blade Length


Our Rating



Carbon Steel

11.5 inches




1095 Carbon Steel

11.5 inches




0-1 High Carbon

12 inches




Carbon Steel

10 inches




Carbon Steel

11 Inches




Carbon Steel

12 inches




Carbon Steel

11 Inches




Stainless Steel





Carbon Steel

9 inches




Carbon Steel

8 inches



GK & CO. Kukri House

GK & CO is the largest genuine kukri manufacturer in Nepal. Their mission is not only to deliver the best gurkha knife, but to also keep these knives and their history alive. All of the knives produced with hand tools by masters of the trade, and they have been doing it for over 16 years.

You can trust this company to produce a quality Kurki with only the best materials. They also offer you the ability to customize your machete with an engraving or etching of your own design. This can make a kurki a special gift, but they are also sure to get you through the toughest of brush with no issue.

Khukuri Palace

One way to know that you are really getting the best kukri is by buying one from the Khukuri Palace. This manufacturer is registered with the government of Nepal, and has proudly distributed their product to embassies, travel companies, and manpower companies whose security guards employs the Gurkhas. They are also recognized by the U.S. Marine Corps for their quality product.

The reason this company is so trusted is based on how they produce their products. They have recruited only the most skilled craftsman from many regions and Nepal and have housed them under one roof to produce a product that they can be proud of. Every Kukri is handmade and forged with precision to deliver you a kukri machete that you will be proud to wear.

Nepal Kukri House

The Nepal Kukri House has a serious reputation. They have manufactured and supplied their authentic, traditional Kukri’s to the British Army, German embassy, different militaries, and police all around the world. This company is proud to offer over 200 different items that range from decorative to traditional to custom.

Additionally, the Nepal Kukri House has a proud lineage of craftsman whose purpose is to carry on the Nepalese tradition. This is why their factory is run by “Bishwakarmas,” who are born kukri makers. They also donate 5% of their earnings to kukri makers families who are in need.

Overview of the Top 10 Product Models 

1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

At the top of our list, is the Ka-Bar Kukri. So, what makes this product the best Kukri knife? It is razor sharp, durable, and made from only the highest quality of materials.

This machete is best suited for chopping and clearing campsites. Ka-Bar has been making great knives since 1898, so I think they know what they are doing!

Getting to the specifics now. This kukri is has a carbon-steel blade that is 11 ½ inches long. It weighs 1.7 pounds which makes it the perfect machete for all of your slicing and chopping needs.

It comes with a sheath that is made with a combination of black leather and corduroy to keep your kukri protected. Don’t forget to carry this powerful tool on your next outdoors adventure. It has the ability to hack and slash anything standing in your way.

The Ontario Knife Company brings you this durable machete that will stand up to the most brutal beating. It is manufactured with 1095 carbon steel, weighs 18 ounces and is 17 inches long.

​With a black finish that is non-reflective, you can enter stealth mode with this machete.

The Ontario Knife Company is a major supplier to the military and the United States Government. This means that they are a company that you can trust to make a quality product that is both durable and guaranteed to perform well.

When you don’t need the machete in your hand while on the trail or in the brush, you can put it away in its nylon sheath and hang it from the belt loop to keep it secure.

This cold steel gurkha kukri couples together the traditional gurkha style, but does so with a modern twist. The blade is made of O-1 carbon, which means that it is extremely durable and provides excellent resistance from impact.

The modern twist comes into play with the handle, made of Kraton.

This well designed slicing machine also provides a comfortable and secure grip, which is important. Why? you might ask. Well, because you don’t need any slips when you are out in the middle of nowhere. The price also makes this machete a great pick and you are getting a lot for the money.

If you are more interested in going the authentic route, I have just the knife for you. This genuine Gurkha is hand forged by “Bishwakarmas" (born Kukuri makers) right in Nepal.

This means that you are getting a traditional machete created by the people who created this powerful tool.

With a razor sharp blade and a rugged Tang Rosewood handle, you will be right at home in the wilderness. When you are finished slashing through brush, you can put this Kukri right in your Buffalo leather sheath.

Some of the specifics of this knife that you might want to know are: 10” blade, 5” handle, 9mm thick at spine. You’re welcome!

Another genuine Kukri is coming at you near the top of our list. This machete is similar to #4 because it is also hand forged in Nepal.

Another similarity is in the handle, but this one is a bit darker Rosewood than the other.

Where it is different though, are in its dimensions. It is a total length of 16 inches and is 10mm thick at the spine. This means it’s bigger and thicker. These types of things are important when you are shopping for the best Kukri because everyone has a different definition of the “best.”

This Gurkha is made with highly graded carbon steel and is hand forged by blacksmiths from Nepal.

It is the longest knife so far to make our list at a length of 17 inches.

What makes this authentic khukuri a great buy is the two small knives that come along with it at no additional cost. They are Karda and Chakmak knives; the first is a small sharp knife, and the second is dull and can be used to sharpen your machete.

Legend has it that the gurkha is not supposed to be put back in the sheath if it hasn’t drawn any blood. The sheath for this gurkha is made of cotton and covered in Buffalo hide. Yet, if you don’t draw blood, well you aren’t a Gurkha warrior, so it’s okay.

This Kukri is currently being used by Gurkha’s in the Afghan war. But, you don’t have to be a combat warrior to own this authentic knife.

Some of the other uses that it has are chopping wood, bone, or clearing brush in a jiffy.

To give you some dimensions, this Kukri is ⅜ inches at the thick part of the spine, 16 ½ inches long, and has an 11 inch blade. The blade is made of carbon steel that can be sharpened as much as you’d like. The handle also comes with a finger grip, which will help you keep a hold on this machete as you chop through whatever comes your way.

This Gurkha packs 17 inches of pure power. Since it is made of stainless steel, you will not need to worry about much upkeep with this knife and it will not rust.

Also, the Kukri is much more lightweight than the authentic alternative. The blade is sharp enough to do whatever you need to do with it. It also comes with an attractive handle and sheath.

Probably the most attractive thing about this product is it’s price. It averages around 22 dollars. If you are not looking to spend a whole lot and don’t have a lot of time for upkeep, than this is the knife for you.

We are getting to the end of our list, but that doesn’t mean these products are not worth taking a look at.

This genuine Khukuri is also handcrafted by biskwakarms in Nepal. This specific knife is an official issue that is used by the UK regiment.

The notch, or as called by it’s Nepalese name, the kaura near the hilt of the knife stops blood from getting on the hilt of the knife. The sheath for this weapon contains two pockets where you can keep your smaller knives that can be used for skinning small animals and for sharpening your own Khukuri.

Lastly, getting down to the dimensions. This knife has a 10.5 inch long blade, and a 5.5 inch Buffalo handle for a total length of 16 inches. This Gurkha can go anywhere with you that you need with it’s leather loops that can easily attach to a belt.

Last, but certainly not least is this authentic piece from Nepal that is an excellent choice for outside work.

It is warehoused in the United States, so that you can get your order quickly without a shipping price that is through the roof.

Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

This Kukri is smaller than the previous choices and is only 12.5 inches long. The blade is made of high quality carbon steel and has a handle crafted from White Sadhan wood which will not disappoint.

This knife also comes with two smaller knives. Lastly, this Kukri weighs in at 1.54 pounds which makes it a great choice for portability.

Buying Guide

Purchasing the right Gurkha Kukri knife for your needs is a difficult decision to make when there are so many options out there. There are many different things that you will need to consider.

Watch the video below for more information about the best and the worst manufacturer's of Gurkha Kukri knives.

Not all knives are created equal. Therefore, these are what you should consider before getting out that credit card.

Blade Material

What the Kukri blade is made out of can be the difference between having a dependable knife for the next 20 years or having a knife that barely gets the job done. Your two options are stainless steel and carbon steel.

Stainless steel, as it’s name suggests is resistant to rust. This can be a great perk, but it does have a downside as well. Blades made of stainless steel lose their edge more quickly and also is less durable than carbon steel.

A blade made of carbon steel can rust if you don’t take care of it properly. If you decide to go with this option, you need to make sure you keep it away from water and use a light coat of oil on your blade after each use. The upside to this material is that it can be sharpened as you wish, will stay sharper longer, and will last must longer.


For when the knife is not in your hand chopping or slicing or dicing, it’s going to have to be put somewhere. This is what the sheath is for and it is important how it’s made. Some things you might want to consider are its weight, it’s durability, and also it’s comfortability.

A good sheath will be made of quality, durable materials, and include a variety of options for attachment


Depending on the purpose, handles can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Yet, one thing you always want out of a handle is comfort and grip. When you look at a handle there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. Do you think this handle will be comfortable for repetitive work? If it rains, will the handle become slippery? Does it feel durable? Lastly, does it fit your hand well?

Full Tang

The last important thing that you will need to check for is if the blade you are thinking about buying is full tang or not. This means that the blade goes the entire length of the handle. Full tang machetes are much more durable and are more likely to hold up to tough work.

Blades that are not full tang are less durable, but can be an option if you are planning to use your Gurkha for light yard work or something of that sort.

Genuine Handmade

Many of the knives on our list are genuine authentic Kukri’s forged by skilled blacksmiths in Nepal. These knives are made to be heavier in the front of the blade, which makes chopping easier with minimal effort.

Usually, a handmade product has more appeal than the alternative, but it is not all that matters when making a purchase.


To sum it up, knowing what is important to you when shopping for a machete will make your choice much easier. All of the products above are Gurkha Kukri’s, but some are genuine and some are not. These products also vary in length, thickness, material, and features. Make sure you consider your use because that will help you pick the best product for you.

Whether you are looking for a dependable knife that will help you clear your campsite, help you to cut brush in the backwoods, or getting up close and personal while on a hunting trip--all of the products above will be of great help to you.

In the end, I have given you all of the information that you will need to choose the Gurkha Kukri machete that is right for you. An old saying goes that knowing is half the battle, which is true. Yet, deciding on the right machete in this case will be the first half of the battle and the second half starts when you begin using it!

Nevertheless, this article definitely help to find the best kukri machete!

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