An Extensive Night Vision Cross Bow Scope Reviews

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Picture this: You’re out in the wilderness with nothing but your pack and a crossbow. That may be perfect for getting you through the day, but what about the night? That’s where the real danger sets in, and you don’t want to be unprepared.

That’s why night vision cross bow scopes are so important. If you’re a bow hunter, you never know when you might get stuck. Is your current optic going to hang you out to dry? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite scopes.

Unfortunately, a true night vision scope for your bow is hard to come by. Even more difficult is finding one that’s been put to the test. Bow hunters are a rare breed. Depending on your mounting system, you could use a riflescope, but we always recommend going for specialized.

This is not technically a night vision scope. As we said, that can be difficult to come by. However, this option from Truglo is a great budget model.

Night vision scopes can be very high priced, so if dropping several hundred is out of the question, this is your scope.

Truglo uses fully coated lenses to ensure maximum brightness. This might not be enough in the thick canopies of the Amazon, but it should do in your standard woodlands.

It includes generous eye relief, so you don’t need to worry about a busted orbital. This is a comfortable, high quality tool for the penny-pincher. If that sounds like you, thank God for Truglo.

Next up, we actually have a rifle scope. However, it meets all of the necessary requirements for a crossbow. It’s low magnification, paired with a wide field of view.

If your bow has a weaver mount, you’re ready to go.This is an actual night vision scope. This will be perfect in even some of the darkest scenarios.

The titanium body means it can take a beating, but rest assured that it won’t weigh you down. The company does not vouch for it’s waterproof qualities.

If you ARE going to the Amazon (or any guaranteed wet environment) reconsider. However, it has a high water intrusion rating, so surprise rain is not an issue. This is the only rifle scope on our list of crossbow scopes reviews, but that shouldn’t sway you.

This next scope may call itself a riflescope, but the wonders of technology make it so much more. Since this is a digital scope, it has a wide range of adjustable features.

That includes specific crossbow modes. While it is pricey for some people, it’s the perfect option for a multiple weapon hunter. If your weapon has a weaver mount, this will work.

The digital image means that it will literally never be too dark. Count out a clear image at any time of day. 

This scope, by far, earns the title of most versatile of our night vision cross bow scopes. The only draw back is digital DOES mean it needs power. However, most true night vision scopes do.

Next we have another value for money model from Truglo. In fact, you somewhat similar compared to the first model.

It has the same magnification (4x), but this has one key difference: an illuminated reticle.

When you combined the reticle with Truglo’s already high-brightness lenses, you get a much more low light friendly scope.

If you are trying to balance your budget with a good scope, this is about as good as you can hope for. However, an illuminated reticle is going to last MUCH longer than a full night vision. You probably won't have, at the very least, battery life issues.

Finally, for our best of our night vision cross bow scopes. It’s from Nikon, which is synonymous with quality.

While this is occasionally marketed as a rifle scope, it is far more suited for cross bows. It’s low power, and has a big field of view, which isn’t good for rifles.

Again, this is not a true night vision scope. It is more accurate to say it is low-light scope. However, Nikon’s have above average light transmission. Unless you’re in a pitch black room firing bolts at zombies, 92% transmission is going to light up some of the darkest nights.


Finding a time tested night vision scope for a cross bow is nearly impossible. That’s why some of our list doesn’t quite meet the designation. However, you can find some great, low-light scopes that surpass the low quality night vision that you typically see.

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