What Are The Best Budget Long Range Scopes?

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So, you need a scope for your rifle, but you don’t want to break the bank. I totally get it. That’s why I’m here to tell you about some affordable long range scopes that will give you just what you are looking for, but won’t leave you broke.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a scope at all. We all know that our time is valuable. If you are missing shots, wasting ammo, and most importantly wasting your time because you are not using a scope on your rifle, now is the time to make the investment.

1. Feyachi Tactical

The Feyachi Tactical long range scope is hands down the best budget long range scope.

Not only is it the most affordable scope on our list (around 55 dollars), but is also highly rated by it’s consumers.

Just because you are saving money, does not mean you are losing quality. This scope offers red and green optics that are have five adjustable brightness settings. This means that your target will be illuminated in no time.

This scope comes to you with waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof capabilities, so you will be able to use it in any conditions.

If you need a long range scope on a budget, go for Tasco Varmint. The scope costs around 57 dollars, which could arguably make it the best budget long range scope on the market.

This scope offers HD clarity so you see your target clearly. This scope is not only affordable, but it is durable because it is made with high quality materials.

How far will you be able to see? Well, the Tasco has 2.5-10x magnification and an extra-large lens. How large? 42mm large. Targets beware, this scope is ready to spot you, and annihilate!

I am not finished giving you choices. Here comes the AR Tactical scope which is also affordable.

With this scope, you can be confident that you are getting an excellent product. AIPA performs rigorous testing to make sure that this scope performs without error.

Besides being waterproof, shock proof, and fog proof, it also has a 50mm high quality lens. The red and green laser will allow you to shoot 100-300m, so that aiming at your target will be easy and save you time. Currently, if anything were to go wrong with the product, the company offers a comparatively longer guarantee on their scope.

Ledsniper puts you in 100% control with options like windage, elevation, and focus so you can get the perfect view.

These options will allow you to get the best use of your scope. With magnification of 6x-24x, you will be able to see your target clearly. This means no more missed shots!

This long range scope will have you focused on your target, rather than on figuring out why you can’t see it clearly. No glare, no reflection, and winning picture regardless of your lighting or setting make this scope a clear winner (no pun intended).

We are coming to the end of our list, but don’t make any decisions yet. BARSKA is a serious contender with an attractive price.

At 64 dollars, this scope will satisfy your need to stay on a budget, while still giving you everything you need.

This scope is a great choice for obvious reasons, it goes far and long! It doesn’t matter what time of day you are hunting, you will be able to clearly see your target with this scope. This scope is comfortable to hold and offers elevation turrets which allow you to make any quick adjustments without losing sight of your target.


All of the scopes that I have mentioned will satisfy your budget, but will also give you crystal clear sight and precision so that you can get your target every single time. So, stop wasting precious time and expensive ammunition and get a quality scope that you can depend on.

A few things that you should think about before you choose the perfect scope for you is the price, quality of materials, magnification, and warranty.

The best budget long range scope is the one that fits your specific needs, and doesn’t exceed what you are willing to pay for it. What are you waiting for? Get that scope already, your next big kill is waiting.

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