What Are The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies?

waterproof walkie talkies

When you’re outdoors doing your outdoors thing, it’s often handy to have a two-way radio (commonly referred to as a walkie talkie) with you. They help for keeping in contact with the other members of your party or in case you happen to stray off course without cell phone coverage.

If whatever it is you’re doing outdoors involves water in any way, it becomes even handier to have a walkie talkie that is waterproof.

The degree to which walkie talkies are waterproof is rated on either a Japan Industry Standard (JIS), or International Protection Rating (IP) scale.

Below are the best waterproof walkie talkies.

1. Uniden MHS75 Submersible

Heading up our top five is the MHS75, made by Japanese manufacturer Uniden. It is waterproof to a rating of JIS8, on a scale of 1-8, with 8 being most waterproof.

The MHS75 is not only waterproof, but fully submersible, so no worrying about dropping it out of your boat. If you do, though, you can get it back just fine.

It has the N.O.A.A weather channels and all American, international and Canadian marine channels. Its battery will last twelve hours on a charge. A lanyard, belt clip and DC clip-on charger for on-the-go charging are included. It all combines to make this the best waterproof walkie talkie on our list.

Number two on our list of waterproof walkie talkies is Motorola’s MS350R. This walkie talkie will withstand a dunk in the water while giving you a 35-mile range.

You can also add a remote speaker or a headset in case you find yourself with your hands tied. It uses both FRS and GMRS frequencies, and has 22 different channels, so channel combinations won’t be a problem.

It runs on either three AAA batteries or the two included rechargeable battery packs. It comes equipped with both an AC and DC charging adaptor, so you’re ready for a quick re-charge wherever you are.

Uniden has its second hit on our list with the submersible MHS-126. It scores a JIS8 water submersion rating, so it’s completely submersible up to 5 feet. It will also float back to you if you drop it over the side of your boat landing that trophy.

This walkie talkie will go anywhere with you -hiking, boating, camping or just for a walk. It’s equipped with NOAA weather channels, so you’re always prepared for anything nature throws your way.

The MHS-126 offers a range of up to 20 miles for superior connectivity. In the event of an emergency, it has your back with a bright LED flashlight that can strobe as an SOS signal.

Another good Motorola walkie talkie for water activities is the T400. It rates IP54 for water submersion, meaning it’s water-resistant to splashing water, such as rain.

The T400 boasts a up to 35-mile range and comes with micro-USB wall charging cables. It is lightweight and features built-in LED flashlight. This extra feature gives you assurance during unexpected emergencies or power outages

The product also comes with VOX. This allows you to have hands-free communication without you stopping to reply.

Wherever your thrilling adventures take you you’re always on top of the changes in weather with the NOAA weather channels.

Motorola scores yet again with its T600. It’s rugged, lightweight and easy to carry for any outdoor activity. It holds a IP67 rating for submersion, so there’s no need to panic if it goes overboard.

The T600 features a built-in LED flashlight for nighttime activities that is also activated should you drop it in the water. It has 22 channels and gives you a range of up to 35 miles.

The NOAA weather channels mean you’re always up-to-date on the forecast. Besides the standard adaptor included, the T600 can also be charged through a USB connection. The nine-hour charge means you’re ready for any adventure.


There are a lot of waterproof walkie talkies to choose from when planning your outdoor adventures. When it comes time to buy, the ratings for submersion are a key factor to consider.

The IP and JIS scales each has its own way of measuring how waterproof a device is. Both tell you if they can withstand water, how much and for how long. JIS8 and IP68 are the top ratings.

Other than the submersion capabilities, most walkie talkies of this type have largely the same features, save for a safety strobe here and camo shell there. When it comes time to draw that bow you might have to just choose your favorite manufacturer.

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