What Is The Best Hunting Knife You Can Get

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​We all know that when it comes to hunting, knives are always the hunter’s best friend in the woods. Agree?

People usually don’t see knives as anything that can be of importance other than their daily general purpose uses. When you find yourself in the woods under some extreme conditions, you will notice the importance of a knife. That is if at all you have one with you. Anyway, today we are going to look at some of the best hunting knives available in the market. 

The purpose of using a knife in the woods when hunting includes skinning, cutting ropes and many other things. However, some of the best-known manufacturers have now brought along some new technologies that enhance the art of making the knives.

Anyway, for you to pick the best hunting knife for yourself, you will first need to know the purpose for which you intend to use it. The best for you might not be the best for another person. This solely depends on how you want to use it.

Let us now look at some of the best hunting knives available.

1. Fallkniven H1

This is a long meaty knife which measures 8.3 inches long and is always respected by the professionals.

It usually has the Scandinavian full tang design and is designed for skinning and dressing purposes.

When handled well, the knife can last for several years without getting damaged. It also has a blade that measures 4 inches long and 0.2 inches thick. The blade is usually 3G powdered and made of steel. The blade is described to have the same uniformity and precision when cutting through the skin of different animals.

To maintain a great balance between the flexibility and the hardness of the blade, the covering outer part is usually made from soft steel while the inner part is made from very sturdy steel. It has a no-slip Kraton handle which will always make you feel comfortable when handling it. The knife also has a very light weight making it easy for you to carry it around.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, I bet you can be more than happy when you have this type of knife in your possession. This is an ideal hunting knife from Puma measuring only 4.7 inches long.

Maybe the greatest feature of this knife is that it is tough, hard and durable at the same time. This is always referred to as “the holy trinity” of a hunting tool. This knife is always rated as a top quality knife due to its hardness. This is something that is always seen as an achievement for a utility knife.

This knife has a blade made of the high-quality 440A steel manufactured in Germany. It also has a handcrafted stag handle which provides you with a comfortable grip. It also has some brass finger guards to protect your fingers from cuts and nicks.

Another great thing about this knife is that it has a high grain leather sheath having a lanyard hole which makes it easy for you to hang your knife for easy transportation. This knife is a must have if you are truly a wildlife veteran enthusiast.

This knife is also one of the best when it comes to outdoor activities mostly hunting. It is even said that this knife is the cutting edge for all the all purpose knives.

This comes with a relatively compact design that brings about the ease to movement i.e. highly portable.

It also has a modified clip-point blade made from a very strong CPM – S30V premium steel. The knife has a length of 6.23 inches and it is light enough to facilitate its usability.

It also has a nice handle that is moisture-resistant hence providing a firm grip and flexible movement.

Another great thing in this knife perhaps is the ability to boost its performance due to its small size. Anyway, the size doesn't matter as you can still get a good handling experience and a comfortable firm grip regardless of the size of your hand. This knife has the ability to remain sharp for a long period of time hence serving you for long.

If you are looking for a knife that holds a true spirit of a traditional hunter, search no more because this knife is your answer.

It has almost every feature that your knife might need to have for you to survive any extreme situation that you might find yourself in.

This knife has a blade length of 5.25 inches made from the 1095 Cro-Van steel to offer great strength and flexibility. When it comes to the handle, it is made in such a way that it can absorb moisture to give you great handling experience.

When you purchase this knife, the package will come with a glass-filled nylon sheath and has a weight of about 1.5 pounds. The blade of this knife can remain sharp even after usage of about 2 years.

This type of hunting knife brand is usually available in two sheer varieties, the serrated and mini.

The Mini range has some razor sharp cutters that are usually small in size. It also has a blade measuring 2.9-inch long blade made from the 154CM stainless steel.

This can be said to be one of the smallest knives you can find in the market but this doesn’t affect its performance. Just with a single press of the thumb stud, you can quickly release and reverse the folding of the knife due to its Axis lock mechanism.

The thumb studs are always equipped with a reversible pocket clip. This is just to improve the knife’s performance. The knife is ergonomically fine, has a swift deployment and is also amazingly durable.


Honestly, there is usually no shortcut to making a conclusion on choosing the product that will serve you with utmost efficiency. This because there are always a lot of hunting knives brands which also have something to offer for every product they make.

These knives actually perform the same what usually brings the difference is the quality of their parts like weight, the material they are made of, handling and few others.

Anyway, with that being said, these are just some of the best hunting knives that you can find. It is now up to you to make a wise decision and choose the correct product for your needs.

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