What Are The Best Scopes For .308 Rifles?

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If you are going to survive in the wilderness, you’ll have to learn how to hunt. Now, a good rifle is important, but so are the accessories. One of the most important is a solid scope.

If you use a .308 caliber rifle, you have plenty of choices out there for scopes. However, this is a bit more of a short range hunting piece, so you don’t need anything too fancy.

But think of it this way: In all other realms, a real survivor wouldn’t buy an inferior product because it “works just fine.” So why not find the best scope for 308 rifles?

We’ve put together a list of some scopes. As always, use this as a jumping off point to find the perfect scope for your needs.

1. Primary Arms 1-6 X 24mm Hunting Scope

Our first option is one of many from Primary Arms. This is a quality brand with a price tag to show it. It may seem outrageous if you’re used to .22 rifles, but keep in mind .308 scopes run a little steeper.

In price, they’re comparable to the best vortex scope for 308 rifles, so you know about what you’re getting.

This model comes with 12 different brightness settings, so it will take you from dawn until dusk. Go out there in confidence through all weather, as it’s also fog and water proof. This is a quality scope for all of your hunting needs.

For around the same price, you can get this simplified model from Primary Arms. The scope is much shorter, and the magnification is fixed.

If you need something fast and fool proof for anything from hunting to home defense, this is it.

The magnification, as stated, is fixed at 3x. That will do you good up to about 600 yards. With 12 brightness settings, this is ideal for year round tactical purposes. Defend your homestead, and do so without the complications of a fancy, feature-heavy model.

If you need adaptability, this is not for you. If you need reliability, this will all but guarantee it.

This is the immediate upgrade from the previous model. That has 3x fixed magnification, this bumps it up to 5x.

Again, this is a shorter, feature-light option for anyone that can’t be bothered. It will still get you through any rough situation, especially weather, but it lacks options.

It has 10 brightness settings, so that feature is actually a downgrade. However, this will this scope will nearly double your range. If you love the simplicity of the 3x, this gives you that with a bit more edge.

Don’t get caught out of range.It’s sometimes better to have it, just in case. Be prepared. Simplicity makes it a contender for the best scope for a 308 bolt action rifle.

The second best scope for 308 rifles comes from a name you know: Nikon. While they’re better known for their camera, their scopes live up to the hype.

This was made specifically for .308 caliber guns in high speed situations. If you’re in defense mode, this is what you want in your arsenal.

The lenses are highly anti-reflective. This insures that your view is never obscured by light. In a high stress situation, a glare can mean life or death. It also insures your image stays clear regardless of time of day. You need a scope that will carry you through all hours.

Finally, we have the single best scope for 308 rifles. This model from Trijicon is a serious piece of ballistic gear.

If you are going into harm’s way, take this with you.

With military grade illumination, you can see your target night or day. Don’t let anyone sneak up on you. That technology will last you 700 hours of use. Never lose your juice again.

It’s waterproof, even up to 66 feet of submersion. That means your image will be bright and clear regardless of conditions. There are a lot of reasons to trust a brand. When it comes to guns, there is no better endorsement than the military. Rest assured, this is the best.


Brand isn’t everything, but when you have certain brand that dominate every category, that says a lot. We have options from many different price ranges, but ultimately, money shouldn’t be the decider. Look at what you need, and buy with confidence.

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