What Are The Most Fuel Efficient Generators?

most fuel efficient generator

When it comes to surviving, having energy is a top priority. If you experience a disruption to your power, gas, or heating oil resources which we have grown so accustomed to, it is crucial to have a replacement on-hand. This can come in the form of a portable and powerful generator.

The problem is that generators require fuel, which can be in short supply in the midst of a crisis. Fuel is also heavy and can be cumbersome to pack around if you need to quickly relocate.

That is why I have provided a list of the most fuel efficient generators on the market.

1. Westinghouse WH2400i Portable Inverter Gas Generator


· Affordable price

· Lightweight, Compact, and Quiet weighing in at 38 pounds

· Can power sensitive communication devices in times of emergency

· 2 USB ports

This compact little powerhouse of a generator can give you a whopping 11 hours of power on only 1.3 gallons of gas! This is a pretty good achievement when considering it pumps out 2100 running watts of power. This probably ranks this as the most fuel efficient generator on the list.

One of the best features of this generator is that you can link two together and double the power. Therefore, instead of replacing this generator to upgrade in the future, you can simply buy another one to get the power demands that you need.


· Lots of power for the price

· Reasonably portable

· Ruggedly made of steel

This generator is ideal to give you some much-needed power in the case of an emergency. This generator uses propane, which burns much cleaner than gas and is more affordable. Carbon monoxide emissions are about to 40-percent lower when running propane.

Propane will not break down, so you can keep many propane tanks available for emergencies and store them for an indefinite period.

Because this generator operates on propane, you will not ever have to worry about the fuel going bad or having the carburetor getting gunked up because of spoiled gasoline, which is a typical issue with gasoline operated small engines.

The generator is equipped with two 120-volt outlets and a 12-volt DC outlet for battery charging.


· A great generator at a reasonable price.

· Light model at 46 pounds makes for easy handling

· Super quiet at only 59 decibels

This handy generator is easily portable and can run up to 8hours with only 1gallon of fuel! Advanced inverter technology can run even the most delicate of electronics, including radios and other forms of communication.

If your survival plan is to jump in your RV and head to the hills, this Honda EU2000I generator will be able to supply you with all the electricity you need.


· Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

· Very affordable

· 6 hours of run time at 50% load

The WEN 1600-watt generator can be an efficient supply for quick portable power. Lightweight and fuel efficient, this 4-stroke OHV engine runs at a quiet 51 decibels. The WEN is perfect for camping, powering tools, emergency lighting or charging equipment. This generator is ready to work for you when the going gets tough.

If you are planning to keep your entire home charged, then this generator will not cut it. This is for short bursts of power to keep you going in a crisis, not a long-term survival solution.


· Top of the line generator

· 7000 Watts of power

· Comes with LCD Monitor

One thing to consider before shelling out this kind of money is that the generator is quite heavy, so packing around in an emergency may not be ideal. 260 pounds of weight is no joke! That being said, this beast of a generator will give you tons of power off a relatively small amount of fuel.

One notable feature about this generator is that it comes with a handy start button, so no more cumbersome pull-starter. This machine can easily operate everything in your home as though it were just another day, all the while not being any noisier when compared to a parked car.


When deciding on the most fuel efficient generator to buy, don’t skimp! Having energy in a time of crisis should be on the top or your prepping list.

I am sure that you will be able to find one that suits you.​

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