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tac light review

Tactical flashlights can be very helpful in many situations. Ranging from simple outdoor activities, camping, and self-defense. It is important that you can rely on your tactical flashlight to always work, and to always work well. Searching for the best flashlight can be daunting, and after a while you may feel as if you’ve read the same tac light review a million times.

But shopping for a suitable tactical flashlight should not be overwhelming. In fact, there are certain models that prove to be better than the rest, like the Bell + Howell TacLight. After reading what we know on this flashlight a little bit more, you should feel confident. You will know exactly what you should expect and get when purchasing this tactical flashlight.


When shopping for the best tac light, people generally look for a flashlight that offers two things: durability and longevity.

Customers want to feel assured that they are buying a quality product that they will not have to replace time and time again. These two key points are certainly important to people buying a tactical flashlight.

One of the most obvious concerns in purchasing a tactical flashlight is that it comes with a high-quality bulb. Besides, the model must also be user-friendly.

Essentially, people expect to buy a flashlight that is easy to use and super bright.

Anything that goes above and beyond these basic requirements are really just an added bonus.

If you planning on spending money on a tactical light, then you might as well be sure to get one that has extra features you canmake us of. Such as a lot of tactical flashlights offer features such as belt clips, magnetic bodies, and USB ports. These extras are what make a good flashlight a great flashlight.

So when on the hunt for an excellent tac light, there is undoubtedly one model that stood out among its competitors: the Bell + Howell TacLight.

Product Overview

Bell + Howell makes an assortment of outdoor gadgets, but the most notable one is their TacLight. It is often advertised with the “As Seen on TV” label because this flashlight is relatively well known as being the best tac light on the market.


The TacLight is shock resistant and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. But the most infamous selling point is the fact that it can withstand even the most extreme temperatures. It is often advertised with pictures of it frozen in a block of ice, inside a pot of boiling water, and completely submerged under water.

The bulb on the TacLight has three modes that range from low to high, and also includes a strobe mode and SOS signal. The bulb has a built-in zoom function and can last for more than 100,000 hours.

It is also claiming to be 22x brighter than your average household flashlight.

In case you haven't seen what it can do on TV. Here is a video on it.​

Another huge plus, the body is only 5.4 inches in length and 1.6 inches wide, making it extremely portable and easy to throw in your pocket or bag.

Pros and Cons

While the Bell + Howell TacLight has a lot of impressive features, some of them are not glaringly different from their competitors. 

Most tactical flashlights offer shock resistant bodies (to a lesser extent) and a wide range of light modes. Not only that, the size of the light is not drastically smaller than that of other high-quality tactical flashlights.

The TacLight stresses how it is 22x brighter than the average light, but did not specify exactly how many lumens it puts out or the exact distance of the beam. These extra pieces of information can be important to a lot of buyers looking for the brightest tac light.


However, no one can deny that the biggest selling point of the TacLight is its ability to survive extreme weather conditions.

A lot of manufacturers usually advertise that their tactical lights are “weather resistant”. However, they fail to indicate exactly what temperature or amount of water it can withstand.

The TacLight certainly is the best tac light for those concerned with their lamp lasting in very harsh weather.

Wrapping up

After looking through this tac light review, remember that the Bell + Howell TacLight may not be the brightest tac light you can find on the market. But. the TacLight is the best flashlight in surviving awfully harsh weather. The extreme resilience of this product certainly makes it worth considering as an option for your next flashlight.

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